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What is EDIFACT and how does it work?

EDIFACT is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport. Organizations wishing to trade globally have accepted EDIFACT as the international EDI standard.

The United Nations ratified a standard set of syntax rules known as EDIFACT standards. They cover transaction sets and data element directories.

EDIFACT Service Segments

When an EDIFACT electronic transmission takes place, it consists of one or more interchanges with messages. Each message has segments of data that relate to the business transaction taking place. Throughout each level, enveloping data pairs help maintain and keep track of the overall exchange structure.

We’ve compiled the most common set of EDIFACT service segments below:

  • UNB – Start of Interchange
  • UNG – Start of Group
  • UNH – Start of Message
  • UNT – End of Message
  • UNE – End of Group
  • UNZ – End of Interchange

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A List of EDIFACT Document Types

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