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IntelligentXchange Supply Chain EDI Visibility Tool

With intelligentXchange (IX), you can put your business stakeholders back in the driver’s seat to manage your supply chain and invoicing process with full visibility into what is being exchanged with your trading partners via 1 EDI Source’s innovative Supply Chain  EDI Visibility Software. Through a simple-to-implement, cloud and web-based solution, IX allows you to identify issues before they cost you money or put your most important business relationships at risk. Learn more about our powerful EDI Visibility Solutions below.

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Translate Complicated EDI Data into Actionable Information

Be EDI Compliant Every Step of the Way

Get ahead of your compliance requirements and days sales outstanding (DSO) challenges with visibility into common and recurring B2B issues.

Easy Access to EDI Documents

Find the documents that you are looking for to cut down on research time and save IT time hunting through your legacy systems.

Gain EDI Visibility and Easily Fix Potential Issues

Don’t run the risk of significant delays, complications and fines with EDI complications. PX will help you easily exchange EDI forms and documents and become compliant with your trading partners quickly and easily so you can focus on your business and network.

Empower Your Organization’s Business Teams

Self Service EDI Tools

Empower your accounting, customer service and compliance teams with self-service tools.

Easy-to-use EDI Software Interface

Easy-to-use cloud and web-based interface designed specifically for non-technical users who may not be familiar with EDI syntax or EDI processes.

EDI Accessibility

Accessible to users throughout your organization to ensure they have access to the information they need in a way they can understand.

Easy to Implement and Supported by Our Expert Consultants

Subscription-based Cloud and Web EDI Solution

Our web and cloud-based EDI software is accessible to unlimited users and is in a form that is easy to understand.

Simple EDI Implementation

We make your EDI implementation quick and easy and ensure your data is imported into our cloud solution safely and securely.

Trust the EDI Experts

Our expert EDI consultants will help you understand your EDI operations and vastly improve efficiencies.

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Innova Disc Golf
“IX is a safety net. It’s my EDI colleague that works 24/7 that alerts me of any issues that may cause problems. Overall, we’re sending better data and that’s resulting in our ability to better service our partners, creating more productive, effective relationships.”
— Justin Alderman, EDI Coordinator, Innova Disc Golf
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