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Powerful EDI Software, Outsourcing and B2B Solutions with Seamless EDI Integration for Unparalleled Visibility and Intelligent Insights to Your Entire Company

With over 30 years of experience as an EDI service and software provider, 1 EDI Source has the expertise and leading enterprise EDI software solutions that give you full control and visibility of your EDI business. There are great differences between basic EDI tools and 1 EDI Source’s comprehensive suite of EDI software products. The key advantages of choosing a solution from 1 EDI Source include ease of use coupled with full compliance. Choosing the best EDI solution for your unique business is imperative to achieve a successful implementation that includes integration with your systems, trading partner compliance and optimal efficiency. Allow our team to review your business requirements and recommend an EDI solution that will meet both your needs and your budget.

We Have the Right EDI Product to Fit Your Needs

Our EDI software handles a variety of tasks reliably and cohesively to both automate and integrate B2B transactions. Let
1 EDI Source help you assess the importance of key features as you consider the right EDI solution to fit your needs.
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1 EDI Source Provides Expert EDI and ERP Integration for a Full Range of ERP Platforms

We continue to innovate and update our EDI solutions to provide seamless integrations with any ERP system you may have. Visit our ERP Integration Page for more details, and a list of the common ERPs we integrate with our EDI solutions.

ERP Integration

We’re Here To Help With Your EDI Compliance

Whatever your unique EDI needs, we have a solution for your business. We specialize in EDI, B2B exchange, compliance, and supply chain solutions and offer a variety of products and services from software solutions, in-house support, EDI training, EDI educational content, ERP integration and more!

Here’s What Our Clients are Saying

1 EDI Source has handled some of the toughest EDI challenges for our clients, whether they are small to medium sized business or fortune 500 companies, and from a large variety of industries. We have the software solutions and expertise to streamline business operations, improve efficiency and decrease costs. See how we have helped our clients!

World & Main EDI HQ “We call, we get answers, we consult and we work together as a team. It’s hard to quantify having that level of customer service, but it’s huge.” Vice President of Information Technology Read Case Study
Adidas IntelligentXchange (IX) “We’re saving money with IX, but it’s not about the money. It’s about making the customer happy. When they feel like they’re getting timely response from the Adidas Group, that’s worth a lot of money to them. It’s solidifying our business and our customer service relationship with that customer.” Customer Service Leader Read Case Study
Betco IntelligentXchange (IX) “There is absolutely no way we can walk away from the benefits we are seeing and the transparency we have gained across our organization.” Shannon Inverson, Customer Support Manager Read Case Study
Lifetime Brands IntelligentXchange (IX) “When I saw that IX allowed us to see the lifecycle of a document from purchase order to invoice all on one screen, I was sold.” EDI and SAP Programming Manager Read Case Study

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