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Seamless EDI Integration

We seamlessly integrate our EDI solutions with Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS), JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World ERP solutions, delivering material, financial and operational benefits by:

  • Boosting operational efficiency and automation
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Enhancing visibility into your EDI business transaction status

Our EDI solutions create a frictionless workflow between your accounting system and trading partners that generates strategic advantages across your business. End-to-end control of your workflow leverages business transactions to generate the greatest efficiencies possible. Increased automation means less manual data entry, leading to fewer errors and direct cost benefits.

EDI Integration Specifically for Your ERP

In each case, 1 EDI Source uses the appropriate process to create a tight integration that enables transactions from your trading partners to be automatically translated and processed. You can access electronic purchase orders from your customers and then translate the purchase order into an EDI-compliant invoice, lowering client costs and enhancing customer relationships.


Cloud-Based Support

Our Oracle/JD Edwards solutions are supported by a cloud-based EDI portal that allows you to:

  • View all orders in a user-friendly format
  • Set warnings and alerts to ensure customer requirements for electronic transactions are being met
  • Research CSR and IT electronic commerce activities

Why Integrate Your Oracle/JD Edwards ERP With EDI?

Companies turn to our EDI solutions when they need to:

1. Meet customer requirements for the electronic communication of business transactions

2. Improve delivery performance

3. Cut supply chain costs

4. Resolve invoicing problems caused by lengthy days-outstanding of cash


Our Oracle/JD Edwards partnership delivers these results and more.

Trust Your EDI Integration Needs to 1 EDI Source

We closely follow Oracle’s integration recommendations and keep current with its best practice guidelines. You can depend on our expertise to deliver an EDI solution that meets your needs. Request a demo or contact one of our EDI experts today.