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HQXchange EDI Mapping & Translation Software Platform

Our flagship Enterprise EDI software platform EDI HQ is now even more powerful with HQXchange™ [HQX]. HQX is a new innovative EDI platform which includes advanced EDI mapping and translation, complete visibility into your transactions, and assured full compliance with all your trading partner needs. We have enhanced our EDI HQXchange software with performance upgrades, modern refreshed user interface, security improvements and more!

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HQXchange Creates a Single Comprehensive EDI Platform Combining:

HQXchange bundles our EDI HQ software, IntelligentXchange and AS2 Complete software solutions with our expert in-house technical EDI support into convenient HQX Professional and HQX Enterprise subscription models, bringing you a new enterprise EDI platform with unrivaled depth and flexibility.

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EDI HQ: The Industry-Leading EDI Mapping and Translation Software Solution

EDI HQ gives you full control of your EDI operations, allows you to satisfy even the toughest trading partner and customer requirements, integrates your EDI data with all of your systems and streamlines your business operations for optimal efficiency and compliance.

EDI HQ offers:

  • Easy-to-use modern user interface.
  • Enterprise quick search.
  • Fast processing speeds.
  • “One-click” trading partner set-up process minimizing trading partner setup time and configuration errors.
  • Seamless EDI Integration with ERP systems like SAP, Sage, Oracle, JD Edwards and more including custom back office systems.
  • Intuitive and flexible EDI data mapper allowing for fully automated B2B business document process that fits your operations.
  • Unparalleled reporting for complete transparency and notifications of EDI errors so you can stay in-front of your EDI operations and develop strong trading partner relationships.
  • Flexible and scalable software that grows with your business.
  • Custom operations dashboard, alerts and research capabilities that fit your unique business goals.
  • Ability to manage your own EDI infrastructure or have us host it for you.

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IntelligentXchange™ [IX]:
EDI Visibility Portal

IX provides streamlined access of your organization’s B2B operational supply chain and invoicing processes throughout your entire organization in a way that users can easily understand. Users can visualize the complete order to cash document lifecycle from our single screen “conversation view” to quickly understand complex EDI document workflows. Proactive notifications can be configured to instantly identify issues and monitor for operational efficiencies. The IX research tool leads to data-driven decisions by reviewing the potential impact value of trading partner chargeback fines and quality ratings.

IntelligentXchange offers:

  • Personalized dashboard metrics to track key operational events.
  • Breaks down data stores extending EDI documents beyond the IT department.
  • Data-driven decision making through proactive notifications.
  • Easy to use interface designed for quick access to EDI documents.
  • Built-in integration with EDI HQ.

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AS2 Complete™: Secure Data Encryption Software

Our AS2 Complete software complies with AS2 standards making it easy for you to transparently send and receive secure EDI and other data, create and manage certificates, handle data encryption and decryption and more. AS2 Complete is an easy and reliable solution to share EDI files with your trading partners.

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HQXchange Offers a Convenient Subscription-Based Model

HQX gives you access to our full suite of EDI software solutions and client services through customizable subscription packages that provide the best value for your unique EDI business needs and budget.

HQXchange offers great value to our innovative EDI platform:

Innovative EDI Software Solutions now include automatic delivery of new product upgrades, feature enhancements, security patches, and ongoing improvements. You will always have access to our latest software as we continue to innovate.

In-house Support from our experienced EDI team of professionals including technical product support, upgrade support, and expert technical and business EDI assessments. These included services are tailored to your business to ensure you optimize the full value of your EDI investment.

Subscription-Based Model brings you a lower initial cost and predictable pricing with no hidden costs, and a usage-driven pricing model that fits your budget.

HQXchange Enterprise EDI Platform

HQX Enterprise is our most powerful EDI platform built specifically for enterprise organizations with large, complex B2B trading partner networks. HQX Enterprise provides organizations control of their B2B network, standardized visibility into their B2B network’s operations, and data analytics for continued process improvement.

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HQXchange Professional EDI Platform

HQX Professional is designed for businesses that are growing, providing a flexible and scalable solution for your B2B EDI transactions. HQX Professional has a more modular structure allowing companies to pick and choose certain features and add-ons depending on their EDI business volume and planned investment.

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"I’ve actually doubled my productivity without it costing us any more than what we were paying originally, and the level of service we get is 10 times better.”
— John Mitterko, Vice President of IT, World and Main
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