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Every organization has unique requirements, so you need a logistics EDI solution that is specific to your business needs.

From greater accuracy and improved deliverables to better inventory management, our EDI logistics solutions will help you strengthen your position in the supply chain.

Time is money, and that’s never been truer than with companies in the distribution industry, and 3PL warehouses. Elecponic data interchange (EDI) can help forever change the speed at which you conduct business.

EDI distribution solutions have the power to dramatically accelerate and streamline vital processes within your supply chain. Without EDI enabled distributors in place, moving inventory typically requires quite a few steps, anything from a buyer writing up a purchase order to a supplier manually entering it into the shipping system. EDI speeds up this arduous process.

Through EDI, purchase orders can now be transmitted directly to the supplier through an electronic network, and the supplier then receives the order almost instantly. Because of these lightning-fast EDI distributor transactions, items can often ship the same day the order is sent, speeding up the sending of invoices and in turn, payments.

Create Streamlined Fulfillment with HQXchange™ [HQX]

Ensure that orders are shipped and invoiced painlessly by using an EDI distribution solution designed for your unique business needs and challenges with HQX.

Additional Benefits of EDI HQX

The following are just a few additional ways that our electronic data interchange system can help your business and processes.

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