What is AS2?

What is AS2 or Applicability Standard 2?

Applicability Standard 2 is one of the most typical methods for transporting data, especially EDI data. AS2 essentially is a connection over the internet between a client and a server, connecting point to point via the internet. In this way, AS2 provides transfer of EDI data securely, reliably and efficiently.


Here are a few reasons why you should be utilizing AS2:

  • The usage of AS2 allows seamless transmission of EDI data so that it is readily available in real time.
  • Many organizations require their partners to use AS2 due to rising security standards for all communications. Healthcare for example is a key sector since AS2 satisfies HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Industry leaders such as Walmart, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond have helped drive adoption of AS2 in the retail sector.
  • AS2 provides flexible data transmission and authentication with relatively low cost.

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