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EDI 810 Invoicing Transactions

The EDI 810 Invoice transaction set is the electronic version of the paper-based invoice document. It is typically sent in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order as a request for payment once the goods have shipped or services are provided. A vendor will generate an EDI invoice transaction set 810 that commonly contains the following:
  • Invoice details such as invoice number and date
  • Shipping details
  • Payment terms
  • Item information including prices and quantities
  • Discounts
Once an EDI 810 transaction is transmitted, additional EDI documents may be sent in response:
  • EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement - to confirm receipt of the EDI 810
  • EDI 864 Text Message – to report any business violations detected in the invoice
  • EDI 820 Remittance Advice – to detail the payment of the invoice
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EDI 810 Format

ISA*01*0000000000*01*0000000000*ZZ*ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO*ZZ*123456789012345*101127*1719*U*00400*000003438*0*P*> GS*IN*4405197800*999999999*20101205*1710*1320*X*004010VICS ST*810*1004 BIG*20101204*217224*20101204*P792940 REF*DP*099 REF*IA*99999 N1*ST**92*123 ITD*01*3***0**60 IT1*1*4*EA*8.60**UP*999999330023 IT1*2*2*EA*15.00**UP*999999330115 IT1*3*2*EA*7.30**UP*999999330146 IT1*4*4*EA*17.20**UP*999999330184 IT1*5*8*EA*4.30**UP*999999330320 IT1*6*4*EA*4.30**UP*999999330337 IT1*7*6*EA*1.50**UP*999999330634 IT1*8*6*EA*1.50**UP*999999330641 TDS*21740 CAD*****GTCT**BM*99999 CTT*8 SE*18*1004 GE*1*1320 IEA*1*000001320

EDI 810 Specification

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Invoice Transaction Set (810) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to the billing for goods and services provided.


Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA. http://www.x12.org

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