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The 1 EDI Source Story

How it All Began

The expansion of personal computers into homes across the world in the late 1980s was made possible by the earlier demand for computers by companies needing to electronically transact business. EDI was developed as a flexible “standard” to facilitate the exchange of information in industries such as retail, logistics, transportation, and healthcare.

As EDI matured and achieved widespread adoption by many business communities, EDI compliance transformed from a voluntary endeavor into a business necessity. Organizations such as 1 EDI Source were established to provide an efficient, secure, and stable means of integrating EDI into the wide variety of electronic environments.

Enhancing the EDI Experience

John Onysko, 1 EDI Source’s founder, was consulting for many companies during this time of EDI growth. It was obvious to John that the EDI standard was maturing faster than the software supporting the EDI ecosystem itself, which required tailoring and custom development for every implementation. To compensate for the individualized needs introduced by EDI, John created a software platform called EDI-Max. EDI-Max, combined with EDI communications software called a “translator”, provided a method to integrate EDI data with any customer’s computer system regardless of the unique requirements of that system.

As the availability of dedicated EDI translators that had limited functionality began to decline, John started a collaborative development effort with Chris Manchen, one of his most technologically advanced clients, to fill the void. Together, John and Chris developed a software package that satisfied every requirement that the EDI industry demanded including communications, translation, validation, deep integration, and reporting. Many versions later that product, now named EDI HeadQuarters (EDI/HQ), continues to be the foundational engine powering all of 1 EDI Source’s offerings, which support clients ranging from startups through fortune 500 companies.

EDI/HQ became the leading EDI software on the market and provided a complete solution for implementing and managing EDI environments. Over time John and Chris realized that the information contained within EDI/HQ is the lifeblood for every client, however in almost all cases the only person with access to that incredibly important data was the EDI coordinator. John and Chris wanted to take 1 EDI Source’s platform further by breaking down and exposing that critical EDI data in a way that multiple departments could cohesively share, access and understand the information as well.

Revolutionizing the EDI Industry

Chris took this project under his wing and worked tirelessly to revolutionize access to any company’s EDI data. With a dedicated development team of his own, Chris created a web-based data visibility tool with a user-friendly interface. IntelligentXchange (IX) is the first product in existence that allows any department to access the core data collected by EDI/HQ or any EDI system. Easy-to-use lookups, dashboards, and reports provide access to data normally hidden in the EDI data: invoice mismatches, price mismatches, complete audit trails on orders, invoices that need attention in order to be paid, chargeback notifications and reconciliation, and much more.

It is 1 EDI Source’s goal to remain on the leading edge of EDI technology. We take pride in offering EDI educational materials to the public as well as serving our current and potential clients with personalized and professional services and support.