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The transportation industry is one of the most vital components of the world’s economy. It is, to put it plainly, what facilitates the movement of goods across the globe. That’s why having an advanced EDI transport solution is essential.

But it can be challenging to stay competitive in an industry that requires meticulous accuracy of data and shipments in a timely manner. It’s one of the reasons why the transportation industry was one of the first to get involved with EDI.

EDI in the transportation and logistics industry automates routine high-volume communications. This allows various departments like dispatchers and accounts receivable to focus their attention on more important and profitable tasks. The EDI transportation flow also eliminates the need to manually enter information into the billing and dispatch operational systems. This not only minimizes costly data entry mistakes but also saves both time and money, all while allowing EDI-compliant companies to seamlessly and electronically communicate.

An advanced EDI transport solution can mitigate the frustrations and hurdles that can come with other EDI systems. Offering real-time processing of incoming and outgoing shipment EDI data will remove the stress that can often come with EDI transportation transactions.

Stay Competitive with HQXchange™ [HQX], Our Sophisticated EDI Logistics Software

HQX is an advanced EDI logistics software solution that is built to withstand current and future data needs, as well as the high availability and reliability that the transportation industry demands. EDI transportation software solutions help to improve overall transaction speed and visibility while reducing costs spent on manual processes.

Additional Benefits of EDI HQX for the Freight Industry

Common Transaction Sets for Transportation and Logistics

1 EDI Source has all the Transaction Set information and free T-set Codes you’ll ever need right here on our website.
Here is a list of common EDI standards you can expect to be using.

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