EDI VATDEC Value added tax message


EDI VATDEC Specification

This VAT Declaration Message (VATDEC) permits the transfer ofdata from a declarant to a national VAT collecting authorityfor the purpose of meeting legislative and/or operationalrequirements in respect of the declarations of VAT. The declarant may be a taxpayer who is obliged to send VATreturns the authorities, or an accountant or others who onbehalf of one several taxpayers send VAT returns to theauthorities and who is mandated to do so by the authorities andthe taxpayer. The declaration may contain one or several returns. The message may also be used, for example: - within the European Union, to transmit VAT summaryinformation for the Value Added Tax Information Exchange System(VIES) from a declarant to the relevant national VIEScollecting authorities. - to transmit other related or comparable VAT information froma declarant to the relevant authorities.


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