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EDI 856 Advanced Shipping Notice Specifications

The EDI 856 transaction is more commonly called the EDI Advance Ship Notice or EDI ASN. It is utilized to electronically communicate the contents of a shipment to another trading partner. It is sent in advance of a shipment arriving at the other trading partner’s facility. The 856 ship manifest transaction is commonly used by the retail, manufacturing and automotive industries in response to EDI 850, EDI 830, or EDI 862 transactions. In addition to detailing the contents of a shipment, the EDI 856 transaction includes order information, descriptions of products, types of packaging used, carrier information and more. An EDI ASN may provide information at a variety of levels, including:
  • Shipment level information such as tracking numbers and carrier information
  • Order level information such as purchase order numbers
  • Item level information including items and quantities
  • Pack level information such as barcodes printed on each carton
The EDI 856 may be the most complicated document to implement for suppliers. Each trading partner can have very different requirements, which puts the burden on the supplier to support many different formats. The EDI ASN also becomes a data collection issue because of the volume of data points that must be captured and transmitted back to the trading partner. For example, each carton in a shipment may be assigned a unique barcode identifier that must be transmitted back to the trading partner. If you ship goods and need to meet trading partner requirements for Advance Ship Notices, 1 EDI Source can help. Contact Us Today to learn more!

EDI 856 Format

ISA*01*0000000000*01*0000000000*ZZ*ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO*ZZ*123456789012345*101127*1719*U*00400*000003438*0*P*> GS*SH*4405197800*999999999*20111206*1045*49*X*004060 ST*856*0008 BSN*14*829716*20111206*142428*0002 HL*1**S TD1*PCS*2****A3*60.310*LB TD5**2*XXXX**XXXX REF*BM*999999-001 REF*CN*5787970539 DTM*011*20111206 N1*SH*1 EDI SOURCE N3*31875 SOLON RD N4*SOLON*OH*44139 N1*OB*XYZ RETAIL N3*P O BOX 9999999 N4*ATLANTA*GA*31139-0020**SN*9999 N1*SF*1 EDI SOURCE N3*31875 SOLON ROAD N4*SOLON*OH*44139 HL*2*1*O PRF*99999817***20111205 HL*3*2*I LIN*1*VP*87787D*UP*999999310145 SN1*1*24*EA PO4*1*24*EA PID*F****BLUE WIDGET HL*4*2*I LIN*2*VP*99887D*UP*999999311746 SN1*2*6*EA PO4*1*6*EA PID*F****RED WIDGET CTT*4*30 SE*31*0008 GE*1*49 IEA*1*000000049

EDI 856 Specification

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Manifest/Notice Transaction Set (856) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to list the contents of a shipment of goods as well as additional information relating to the shipment, such as order information, product description, physical characteristics, type of packaging, marking, carrier information, and configuration of goods within the transportation equipment. The transaction set enables the sender to describe the contents and configuration of a shipment in various levels of detail and provides an ordered flexibility to convey information. The sender of this transaction is the organization responsible for detailing and communicating the contents of a shipment, or shipments, to one or more receivers of the transaction set. The receiver of this transaction set can be any organization having an interest in the contents of a shipment or information about the contents of a shipment


Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA. http://www.x12.org

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