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Invest in Epicor ERP’s go-forward EDI solution.

1 EDI Source has joined Epicor to become the go-forward EDI solution for Epicor ERP customers with seamless integration and expert support. 1 EDI Source has over 31 years of experience providing innovative EDI and B2B software and services for companies ranging from small to large enterprises in a variety of industries. Specializing in EDI solutions for retail and consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics, healthcare, general business services and more; we have a solution perfect for your unique business needs

Take advantage of these benefits and more with a 1 EDI Source solution

  • Become EDI compliant with your most important trading partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Purpose built EDI solutions that scale with your growing business demands.
  • Gain document lifecycle visibility and supply chain insights.
  • Fully outsourced EDI managed services offering.
  • Integrated Epicor ERP and EDI software, and expert service for one cohesive solution.

1 EDI Source Integrated Offerings


Comprehensive B2B Integration Suite

1 EDI Source offers a single bundle EDI and Business visibility software package that supports your B2B and EDI mapping and translation through our inovative HQXchange™ [HQX] platform.

Fully Outsourced EDI Managed Services Offering

1 EDI Source also offers managed EDI through our enterprise ManagedXchange™ [MX] solution. Our dedicated managed services team acts as an extension of your company’s IT team, managing customer B2B document exchange, on-boarding, setup, and suppor. MX allows you and your team to rely on the experts at 1 EDI Source to manage your EDI exchange and stay fully compliant with your trading partners, giving you the time you need to focus on your core business.

1 EDI Source has developed integrated offerings and deployment methods to support you in your migration planning and ERP integration.

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What Considerations Should I Take Into Account During Epicor ERP & EDI Integration?

When it comes to your EDI solution, one of the most critical projects is integrating your back-office ERP and EDI systems. When integrating Epicor ERP and your EDI system, there are three focus areas you should fully explore during the process.


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