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List of EDI Transactions Sets for Specific Industries

EDI transaction sets (also known as EDI transaction codes) are the shortcuts used by electronic data interchange (EDI) users in order to ease the process of data transactions. There are countless EDI transaction sets that directly relate to specific types of business documents in a variety of industries. And these can usually be exchanged with trading partners or other third parties through the use of EDI. 1EDI Source and most other reputable EDI partners support the EDI transaction codes you need, including those defined by the ANSI ASC X12 standard for EDI.

EDI transactions can have a massive impact on a company’s business. Because of this, a company and its trading partner(s) need to agree upon which EDI transaction standards are required in order to best support operative communication. Understand that EDI transaction sets do vary based upon the industry. This can include EDI transaction codes for industries like transportation and logistics, manufacturing and retail, healthcare and medical, and more.

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List of Common Transaction Sets in Transportation & Logistics Industries

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Transportation and logistics companies require a consistent and efficient EDI strategy. This helps to increase supply chain visibility, improve operational efficiency and strengthen customer relationships. With the proper EDI transaction codes list in place, a business is able to quickly scale and extend data flows to further increase its online presence through both eCommerce and marketplace integration. For transportation and logistics companies to succeed, data exchanges must be automated, standardized, simplified and sufficiently integrated. The following EDI transaction codes can be used within the context of an EDI environment to provide detailed information for shipment statuses, charges for services rendered and much more.

List of Common Transaction Sets in Manufacturing & Retail Industries

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Manufacturing and retail industries are among the busiest in the world, providing goods and services to customers on a daily basis. Because of this, it’s critical that companies within these industries utilize EDI to manage data transactions and exchange errors, shipping and payment details, invoices and more. With the correct data transaction sets in place, companies can reduce dependencies on manual data entry, expedite various processes, save money to avoid violations and automate transaction workflows. The following EDI transaction sets can be used within the context of an EDI environment to make a payment and/or send remittance advice, advise trading partners of product activity information, list the contents of a shipment of goods and more.

List of Common Transaction Sets in Healthcare Industries

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Data processing is an ongoing challenge for the healthcare system since data is often sourced from multiple sources in varying formats. This is why companies in the healthcare and medical industries are turning to EDI to aid in their data management and processing. Healthcare EDI allows for secure electronic data interchange between patients, healthcare providers and various healthcare institutions. The following EDI transaction codes can be used within the context of an EDI environment to inquire about eligibility and a subscriber’s policy, establish communication between the payer and the sponsor of the insurance product, submit healthcare medical claims and billing information, and much more.

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