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Specifications for EDI 214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message Transaction Set

The EDI 214 transaction set represents a Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message. It is typically used by transportation carriers, such as trucking companies, to provide shippers and consignees with the status of their shipments. A 214 document may include the following information:
  • Where shipped from – name and address
  • Shipment location – may include address or coordinates
  • Dates and times – including pickup and estimated delivery
  • Proof of delivery – including location and who signed for delivery
  • Shipment status details – including reasons for status and lading exception information
  • Shipment description – including weight, packaging and quantity information
As with almost any EDI transaction, a recipient of a 214 message may elect to send a 997 Functional Acknowledgement in response. Though this is often unnecessary, some trading partners may require it.

EDI 214 Format

ISA*01*0000000000*01*0000000000*ZZ*ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO*ZZ*123456789012345*101127*1719*U*00400*000003438*0*P*> GS*QM*4405197800*999999999*20111219*1739*2510*X*004010 ST*214*0001 B10*995551*99948782*XXXX LX*1 AT7***AA*NA*20111217*0830*PS AT7*X3*NS***20111217*0930*PS AT7*CP*NS***20111217*0930*PS AT7***AB*NA*20111222*0745*PS AT7*X1*AD***20111222*0745*PS AT7*D1*NS***20111222*0745*PS L11*99997666*DO LX*2 AT7***AA*NA*20111217*0830*PS AT7*X3*NS***20111217*0930*PS AT7*CP*NS***20111217*0930*PS AT7***AB*NA*20111218*1100*PS AT7*X1*AD***20111218*1100*PS AT7*D1*NS***20111219*1100*PS L11*99990835*DO LX*3 AT7***AA*NA*20111217*0830*PS AT7*X3*NS***20111217*0930*PS AT7*CP*NS***20111217*0930*PS AT7***AB*NA*20111218*0330*PS AT7*X1*AD***20111219*0430*PS AT7*D1*NS***20111219*0430*PS L11*99991280*DO SE*27*0001 GE*1*2510 IEA*1*000002510

EDI 214 Specification

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message Transaction Set (214) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. This transaction set can be used by a transportation carrier to provide shippers, consignees, and their agents with the status of shipments in terms of dates, times, locations, route, identifying numbers, and conveyance.


Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA. http://www.x12.org

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