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Walmart EDI

In the world of CPG retail, Walmart is one of the largest companies a vendor could partner with. Therefore, it’s crucial that you become compliant with Walmart EDI requirements.

For over 30 years, 1 EDI Source has been providing Walmart EDI support to vendors across the board, helping them achieve and maintain EDI compliance within the retail supply chain. With 1 EDI Source on your side, you will be able to:

  • Get up and running quickly to capitalize on your business opportunities.
  • Respond efficiently to the documents Walmart expects.

Why Choose 1 EDI Source for Walmart EDI?

Communicating clearly and efficiently is the key to success and EDI compliance with Walmart. To make sure that happens, 1 EDI Source helps you send and receive the following documents through our Walmart EDI system.


As a trading partner with Walmart, you may receive the following documents and respond to them in an organized, timely manner:


Communication Exchange

Walmart may also exchange your EDI documents via a different communication method, most often AS2 Communications. With Walmart EDI support from 1 EDI Source, you can make this translation happen seamlessly to keep your business moving right along.

Your company can become Walmart EDI compliant quickly and easily with 1 EDI Source, the best solution to meet your needs today and help you grow in the future. Explore our suite of top tier EDI solutions below, including our new, high-powered HQXchange EDI software.

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