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Walmart EDI: Achieve Compliance Through Successful Integration with 1 EDI Source

Walmart EDI

In the world of CPG retail, Walmart is one of the largest companies a vendor could partner with. Therefore, it’s crucial that you become compliant with Walmart EDI requirements.

For over 30 years, 1 EDI Source has been providing Walmart EDI support to vendors across the board, helping them achieve and maintain EDI compliance within the retail supply chain. With 1 EDI Source on your side, you will be able to:

  • Get up and running quickly to capitalize on your business opportunities.
  • Respond efficiently to the documents Walmart expects.
  • Stay on top of Walmart and other CPG retail industry news through our trading partner update center.

Why Choose 1 EDI Source for Walmart EDI?

Communicating clearly and efficiently is the key to success and EDI compliance with Walmart. To make sure that happens, 1 EDI Source helps you send and receive the following documents through our Walmart EDI system.


As a trading partner with Walmart, you may receive the following documents and respond to them in an organized, timely manner:

Invoice (X12 810)Organizational Relationships (X12 816)Credit/Debit Adjustment (X12 812)Text Message (X12 864)


On top of receiving documents from Walmart, you may also be expected to send certain forms back in return. Most commonly, these documents are:
Advance Ship Notice (X12 856)Invoice (X12 810)

Additional Documents
When you send the above business documents, Walmart may also expect you to provide Bar-Coded Labels (GS1-128, formerly UCC-128).

Communication Exchange

Walmart may also exchange your EDI documents via a different communication method, most often AS2 Communications. With Walmart EDI support from 1 EDI Source, you can make this translation happen seamlessly to keep your business moving right along.

Your company can become Walmart EDI compliant quickly and easily with 1 EDI Source, the best solution to meet your needs today and help you grow in the future. Explore our suite of top tier EDI solutions below, including our new, high-powered HQXchange EDI software.

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