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Sage Intacct ERP Integration

Sage Intacct ERP and EDI Integration

We are a Sage Intacct Marketplace partner providing seamless direct ERP integration with our EDI solutions. Integration with your back office systems is crucial and direct EDI and ERP integration can greatly improve efficiency by eliminating daily integration challenges with transaction visibility and identifying then addressing integration issues with intuitive alerting, and improving customer relationships with compliance checking.

Our 1 EDI Source and Sage Intacct partnership delivers an integrated EDI and B2B Visibility solution designed to provide clients the ability to access electronic purchase orders in standard EDI formats from their customers, then, ‘flip’ the purchase order into an EDI compliant invoice, reducing client costs and improving customer relationships.

Included with the solution is a cloud-based EDI portal that provides clients with the ability to see all orders in human readable format, establish warnings and alerts to ensure customer requirements for electronic transactions are being met and to assist in CSR and IT electronic commerce research activities.

Sage Intacct ERP and EDI Integration

What are the Driver’s Behind Seeking EDI and ERP Integration?

Need to improve your delivery performance to your customers.

Customers often insist upon doing business using electronic commerce means. This typically occurs in the following industries:




Distribution & Trucking

When you need to reduce the cost of your supply chain.

If you are having invoicing problems that are causing lengthy days-outstanding of cash.

1 EDI Source EDI and Sage Intacct Order-to-Cash Solution:

Visibility and Data Insights

Visibility into your business document lifecycle conversation

Deployed On 1EDI’s Hosted Cloud

Top 5 Customer Benefits of Using 1 EDI Source EDI and ERP Partner Solution with Sage Intacct

    • Improve responsiveness to customers by receiving immediate notifications of new and/or changing order requirements.
    • Immediate, real-time visibility into the disposition of any customer order:
      • Received Order
      • Shipped Order
      • Invoiced Order
    • Deliver the “Perfect Order” to customers:
      • Items shipped will match the items ordered
      • Dates shipped will match the dates ordered
      • Prices invoiced will match the prices ordered
      • Invoices will match shipments
    • Improve internal business processes by improving days-cash-outstanding due to mismatches of Invoices to POs.
    • Full visibility into what needs to ship and when.

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