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EDI continues to grow in popularity, with the majority of companies in the supply chain industry using electronic data interchange. Most exchanges are based on ANSI ASC X12 standards. Learn more about what EDI is.

EDI integration software can be used to connect one business partner with another. Since an EDI solution should be based on a company’s trading partners, as well as their size, importance and transaction frequency, there are many different approaches to enabling EDI transactions with your trading partners. Keep reading to learn more about the various EDI solutions available for your company.

Direct EDI Integration

Direct EDI, also known as point-to-point, is prominent within the retail space and is a single direct connection between two trading partners. Direct EDI has been viewed as an alternative to a wide area network (WAN).

This method offers control for the business partners and is used primarily by large companies that exchange a high volume of transactions with another partner. If you plan to utilize direct connection, you’ll need a software platform that meets your implementation communication protocol guidelines.

Common direct communication protocols include AS2, SFTP and FTPS. Once you have agreed upon your trading partner communication method, you will then lay out the schedule and frequency of your transactions.

Web EDI Integration

Web EDI conducts EDI using a standard Internet browser, such as a web-based platform. Organizations use different online forms to exchange information with trading partners. Web EDI makes electronic data interchange easy and affordable for small- and medium-size businesses.

Web EDI works by replicating paper-based documents into web form. The form will contain fields where users can enter the pertinent information. Once completed, the information will be automatically converted into an EDI message and sent via secure Internet protocols.

Learn More About Our EDI Integration Software

The adoption of EDI is vital for companies of all sizes to maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace. At 1 EDI Source, we can help with our comprehensive suite of EDI integration software products, setting you on the path to success with hassle-free EDI implementation and integration processes. Let our team recommend an EDI solution that meets both your needs and budget today.

Learn more about Amazon EDI integration and download our EDI 101 Guide to jump-start your EDI education. Have a question or need more information? Reach out to one of our EDI experts now.