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Exact JobBOSS ERP Integration

EDI Integration Tailored to You

Small to mid-sized contract and make-to-order manufacturers using Exact JobBOSS shop management software now have a complete on-premise EDI solution tailored to their needs: EDI HQ™ with the Integration Adapter for Exact JobBOSS.

EDI HQ™ with the Exact JobBOSS Integration Adapter gives you all the benefits of EDI in one powerful and easy-to-use solution designed specifically for Exact JobBOSS. EDI HQ sets the bar for EDI software, offering an advanced design, powerful tools and an extensive array of features unrivaled by other EDI solutions. The Integration Adapter means your EDI software is designed for simple and seamless integration with your Exact JobBOSS system.

Exact JobBoss ERP

Integrating EDI with Exact JobBOSS ERP

EDI HQ, the most advanced EDI software available, gives you complete control over your entire EDI operation. You get powerful tools, automation, alerts and other features that make it easy to exchange EDI purchase orders, release schedules, shipping schedules and other documents with your trading partners. Plus, the super-intuitive interface puts everything at your fingertips. 

Integrating your EDI data with your Exact JobBOSS system is easy when you install EDI HQ with the Integration Adapter. Built-in controls with pre-formatted XML files make it simple to map inbound and outbound EDI data. Data is automatically extracted from your Exact JobBOSS ERP to create Acknowledgements, Advance Ship Notices, Invoices and other outbound EDI transactions. Inbound purchase orders, shipping schedules and PO change requests automatically populate your Exact JobBOSS order entry tables. The built-in alerts will notify you of exceptions so you can take action.

The EDI HQ Integration Adapter for Exact JobBOSS gives you price checking, address checking, item checking and quantity checking – existing sales orders are even updated automatically with inbound PO Change Request transactions – so your business processes are efficient and accurate. The result is a more efficient operation with less manual data entry, more accurate orders, and fewer errors – all the benefits of a successful and fully integrated EDI operation. 

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