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EDI Integration Tailored to You

Integrating EDI business transactions into your ERP solution can help yield significant financial and operational benefits. Your EDI solution should be more than just a business requirement with a trading partner. It can be a strategic advantage, creating a seamless, automated workflow between your trading partners and accounting system to help you:

Integrating EDI with JD Edwards Enterprise One ERP

1 EDI Source offers services to integrate with back-office systems through a number of transfer methods including web services, XML, direct ODBC connections, and CSV or other flat files formats. While we have experience integrating using all of these methods, we follow each ERP’s integration recommendation and keep current with their best practice guidelines.

The Epicor 10 discrete manufacturing-focused ERP solution includes the Epicor Service Connect (ESC) platform allowing third-party integration by sending XML files through a Web service connection that includes data validation and error handling. 1 EDI Source has experience integrating our EDI solution and Epicor enabling transactions from your trading partners to be automatically translated and processed.