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EDI Solutions for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Finding the Right Healthcare EDI Solution

Choose the right EDI solution with 1 EDI Source software and services. HIPAA 5010 standards and ICD-10 coding requirements can be tough to comply with. Let 1 EDI Source’s HQX EDI software do all the work for you, while you focus on growing your business.


EDI Solutions for Healthcare Industries

HQX is the world’s leading enterprise EDI software solution. Simplify your business processes and EDI healthcare transactions with enhanced visibility, flexibility and data management with full compliance.

Secure EDI Healthcare Solutions

Data security is paramount in healthcare. Healthcare Claims (EDI 837) and Healthcare Eligibility Inquiries and Responses (EDI 270 and EDI 271), as well as other EDI healthcare transactions, are transmitted through HQX software. This is done by utilizing secure encrypted protocols while meeting the most complex business partner requirements.

HQXchange™ [HQX]: EDI Software for Healthcare Industries

Selecting HQX means you get the confidence that comes from working with an expert in the healthcare industry. Ensure that your organization has the tools to best manage healthcare regulatory and compliance risks as well as work with business partners within a highly secure solution.

Transaction Reporting & Traceability Made Easy

When considering EDI solutions for healthcare, reporting and traceability is crucial. Your complex supply chain model demands transparent and accessible data around the shipment of prescriptions, controlled substances and specialty medical equipment. As pharmacists, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and healthcare distributors, you have unique regulations that require up-to-date EDI standards. 1 EDI Source solutions give you the confidence you need with visibility into your transactions.

EDI Software for Healthcare Industries: Does Your Solution Support Compliance

Depend on an EDI healthcare software solution that can handle ever-changing requirements, complex and secure EDI healthcare transactions, and updates with minimal oversight. Selecting HQX means you will have a partner that will help you navigate ever-evolving HIPAA regulations. HQX is the leading EDI software for healthcare industries. It ensures your company’s system is always up-to-date and compliant with the latest data standards.

Common Transaction Sets for Healthcare

1 EDI Source has all the Transaction Set information and free T-set Codes you’ll ever need right here on our website. Here is a list of common EDI standards you can expect to be using.

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