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ERP EDI Integration Tailored to Your Needs

Significantly Improve Communication Flow With EDI ERP Integrated Solutions

A successful and smooth supply chain requires excellent communication. Most companies turn to electronic data interchange (EDI) in order to communicate and do business with large retailers. But did you know that your EDI solution can be much more than a business expense?

The industry standard for exchanging data and communications between vendors and customers is enabled through the use of ERP EDI integration. 1 EDI Source can help you create this seamless EDI ERP automated communication flow between your trading partners and enterprise resource planning (ERP) accounting system thanks to our innovative ERP integration solutions. Integrating your critical systems will empower your business to:

  • Reduce the order-to-cash cycle time, improve cash flows as a result of quicker document turnaround time
  • Reduce the process ordering time by automating re-entry document processes
  • Virtually eliminate human data entry errors with data automation
  • Develop better customer service relationships by resolving order and billing tickets with quick and accurate information
  • Gain real-time visibility into the status of your business transactions

The 1 EDI Source EDI ERP Integration Strategy

At 1 EDI Source, we have found that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when integrating into different back-office systems. For every customer, we take the time to develop a tailored integration plan based upon your unique business processes, current back-office system data setup, and specific trading partner’s EDI requirements. By architecting upfront how your business-critical systems will ‘talk’ and exchange data, we can create a set of business systems and processes that can be that much more easily updated and maintained for the long-term.

How Integrating ERP And EDI Together Drives Even More Growth

Meeting Stats

Greater Visibility

When in sync, EDI and ERP can provide your company with greater supply chain visibility. EDI ERP integration can help you process orders faster, minimize lead time, improve and accelerate the order-to-cash cycle, and generally facilitate the on-boarding process for new EDI-enabled customers.

Improved Customer Service

When EDI is implemented in conjunction with ERP, you’ll see more efficient and effective customer service, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and revenue. This EDI solution allows you to quickly answer customers’ questions, resolving any processing or billing discrepancies both accurately and efficiently.

Responsive Communication

ERP integration solutions, when used with EDI, virtually eliminates any paper-based activities both internally and for customers. This means you can share more information that much more responsively with your trading partners, helping to reduce their procurement costs and streamline the overall buying process.

Increased Productivity & Sales

When implemented together, EDI and ERP solutions can fast track your company for unrivaled business agility, better data quality, and improved productivity across the entire fulfillment process. This will assist in creating a smooth climb to higher sales volumes, while greatly reducing manual effort on the part of you and your employees.

How We Provide You With Real ERP Integration Solutions

1 EDI Source has performed hundreds of back-office system ERP integrations with extensive experience integrating into all of the common ERP systems on the market today. Find your solution below to learn more about how we have integrated with the ERP system you use.

Can’t find your ERP system below or built a custom, in-house back-office solution? We have over 30 years of experience in the EDI market and have helped integrate into many niche ERP and back-office solutions. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your unique systems.

Popular EDI ERP Integration System Solutions

You don’t need to invest in a new ERP system to become EDI compliant. 1 EDI Source can integrate with nearly any current back-office systems through a number of transfer methods. Systems with which we have integrated EDI data include, but are not limited to, the following.

Learn How 1 EDI Source Can Help Integrate Your Most Critical Systems

At 1 EDI Source, we offer a wide variety of solutions that are flexible for your business and conform to your needs (not ours). We work to empower our clients every day by offering a full portfolio of EDI solutions to choose from. Reach out today to learn more about how we can integrate EDI with the ERP system you already have in place.

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