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Walmart EDI: Achieve Compliance Through Successful Integration with 1 EDI Source

Walmart EDI

In the world of CPG retail, Walmart is one of the largest companies a vendor could partner with. Therefore, it’s crucial that you become compliant with Walmart EDI requirements.

For over 30 years, 1 EDI Source has been providing Walmart EDI support to vendors across the board, helping them achieve and maintain EDI compliance within the retail supply chain. With 1 EDI Source on your side, you will be able to:

  • Reporting and alerting
  • Flexible and scalable software to grow with your business
  • Intuitive software with frequent updates and improvements
  • Custom Amazon EDI solutions for unique needs
  • Cloud-based, web-based and fully managed solutions

Why 1 EDI Source for Walmart EDI?

Communicating clearly and efficiently is the key to success and EDI compliance with Walmart. To make sure that happens, 1 EDI Source helps you send and receive the following documents through our Walmart EDI system.


As a trading partner with Walmart, you may receive the following documents and respond to them in an organized, timely manner:

Invoice (X12 810)Organizational Relationships (X12 816)Credit/Debit Adjustment (X12 812)Text Message (X12 864)

Amazon EDI Consulting & Training

A key part of successful Amazon EDI integration is having a team you can turn to for the smallest questions and biggest challenges. The experienced in-house professionals at 1 EDI Source can not only help tackle any EDI compliance or integration struggles but also perform quick trading partner onboarding to ensure that everyone is on the same page and ready for business.

Amazon EDI Integration & Implementation

On top of consulting, 1 EDI Source’s implementation specialists are here to support your team through the Amazon EDI integration process. We also offer ERP integration with all common back-office systems and custom ERPs to make your business more connected than ever before.

Let us make your business EDI capable for Amazon with one of our EDI integration solutions, ranging from software to SAAS to fully-managed.

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Resources For Amazon EDI Compliance

As we stated earlier, Amazon’s standards for vendors and EDI are pretty rigid. That’s why 1 EDI Source has all the Transaction Set Information and free T-set Codes you’ll ever need right here on our website. Below is a list of common Amazon EDI Standards you can expect to find when working with the #1 online retailer.

Stay Up-To-Date On Rules & Requirements

Ready to learn more about how 1 EDI Source can help with EDI compliance and integration with Amazon and all your trading partners? Contact us today.

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