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EDI Trading Partner CVSIf you need to become compliant with CVS’s EDI requirements, rely on the experts at 1 EDI Source who have been helping CVS vendors and suppliers become EDI compliant within the retail supply chain for over 30 years.

1 EDI Source will help you receive and send the following documents with CVS

Documents you may receive

  • X12 810 Critical Errors
  • X12 810 Direct Store Delivery Invoice
  • X12 810 Distribution Center Invoice
  • X12 810 Import Invoice
  • X12 820 Remittance Advice
  • X12 824 Application Advice
  • X12 830 Planning Schedule
  • X12 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice Store BOH
  • X12 850 DC Purchase Order
  • X12 852 Product Activity – Point of Sale
  • X12 824 Product Activity – Warehouse Movement
  • X12 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • X12 860 Purchase Order Change (Import Only) * X12 864 Text Message

Documents you may be expected to send

  • X12 HIPAA 835 Payment Remittance
  • X12 HIPAA 837 Healthcare Claim

In addition to sending the above business documents, CVS may expect you to provide the following

  • Bar Coded Labels (GS1-128, formerly UCC-128)

CVS may also exchange your EDI documents via the following communication method

  • AS2 Communications

Your company can become CVS EDI compliant quickly and easily with the best solution to meet your needs today, as well as the ability to grow in the future. Explore our suite of top tier EDI solutions below.

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