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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can help with this while giving your team the competitive advantage it needs in the business world. If you’re new to EDI compliance or your company is considering becoming EDI compliant, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts break down EDI compliance and how it can benefit your organization in this guide.

What Does it Mean to be EDI Compliant?

When a business is EDI compliant, it has the ability to send and receive electronic documents in the type of format required by its retail partners. EDI compliance helps ensure that all of your business’s systems are speaking the same language as your vendors and logistics partners.

EDI Compliance Software

To be EDI compliant, businesses need the right software. EDI software uses a standard data format to help conduct automated order processing and inventory management.

How Can EDI Compliance Benefit Your Organization?

The old saying is true: Communication really is everything. EDI compliance connects your business with trading partners and opens up a world of opportunities. When a company is EDI compliant, it can benefit from:

  • Better working relationships backed by efficient, seamless communication.
  • Greater number of sales and long-term profitability.
  • Increased collaboration with other companies that are EDI compliant.
  • Enhanced security that helps prevent breach of data.
  • Competitive advantages in the ambitious world of business.
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It seems no matter where you look, every industry is utilizing EDI compliance to work more efficiently. The table below shows some of the advantages EDI compliance provides.

Industry           How EDI Compliance Can Help
Industrial Manufacturing           Improved tracking and processes, eliminated fines and chargebacks
Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Grocery           Ensured compliance, reduced discrepancies and improved productivity
Suppliers           Easily send and receive invoices, purchase orders, advanced shipping notices and more
Healthcare           Transaction data is transparent and accessible for regulating entities
Transportation           Improved accuracy, timeliness and real-time processing of incoming and outgoing shipment
Logistics & Distribution           Tracked shipping orders and invoices at all stages of fulfillment
General Business Services           Enhanced invoice processing, auditing, analytics services

Get EDI Compliant with 1 EDI Source Software

If you’re ready to become EDI compliant and advance your business, 1 EDI Source software is here to help. As the leading EDI provider and innovator for over 30 years, 1 EDI Source is proud to offer premium software solutions that help your team achieve success. It’s our mission to empower our clients with EDI compliance that eliminates common workplace issues like not meeting your customers’ needs, difficulty communicating with trading partners and more. Get ready for faster processing, increased accuracy and better communication. For more information on EDI transactions and how you can benefit, download our free EDI Buyer’s Guide or contact an EDI specialist today. We look forward to assisting you!

Learn more about EDI compliance and follow best practices from the 1 EDI Source team!

Discover EDI Compliance In Action

EDI compliant businesses reap many benefits in their industry and thrive in highly competitive markets. Want to learn more about becoming EDI Compliant? Check out these blog posts and articles with more information on becoming EDI compliant with top retailers and more.