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Why Making the Digital Transformation Is Critical To Your Company’s Growth

Did you know that eight in ten organizations fast-tracked their digital transformation programs in 2020 due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? What is digital business transformation? What was once a chance to get ahead in the business landscape has become a fundamental strategy critical to a company’s growth and sustained success. 

September 28, 2021


Digital advancement leads to what we call digital disruption –and digital disruption has already happened with the number of companies utilizing digital transformation strategies. Adopting digital business transformation, and understanding the role of it in business growth, enables more personalized customer engagement, better collaboration within and between organizations, higher employee productivity and innovation, and more accurate insights from data. These benefits can help a business thrive and have a better chance of remaining sustainable in this new world of digital technologies.

It’s important to understand how electronic data interchange (EDI) integration is related to the digital transformation within businesses. Adopting digital transformation technologies helps drive business growth and allows your company to take the initial steps toward implementing more digital solutions. You need to have EDI capabilities to automate your operations – without them, you cannot attain the functionality to adopt digital transformation in areas of your business. To learn more about why digital transformation is important for a business and how key technologies like EDI can help you unlock your organization’s true potential, keep reading.

Digital Transformation Enhances Business Agility & Performance

Why are businesses experiencing a digital transformation? Today’s customers, both internal and external, expect the same kind of experience in a professional environment that they have with the technology they use daily in their personal lives. For a business, this can be challenging to achieve without utilizing digital transformation technologies. Companies increasingly demand more agile IT services and networking capabilities to get the most out of the user experience. Agility refers to an organization’s ability to improve and develop continuously – it’s consistently ranked as one of the top three considerations for a proper digital transformation strategy. Agility extends far beyond the usability of applications and includes the experience of working with the IT team and tools. In other words, your increased agility will affect the performance of your business and help it grow.

Using an integrated EDI solution can help a business in its efforts to begin a digital transformation journey, especially in areas regarding supply chain and eCommerce. With these digital transformation technologies, businesses can improve their digital supply chain visibility to stay competitive in their industry. This encompasses everything from end-to-end visibility on product delivery to customer satisfaction, empowering an organization to successfully execute critical business decisions that improve agility and performance. EDI also helps businesses experience the benefits of digital technology with seamless eCommerce integration, no longer forcing customers to rely on traditional retail methods for purchasing products and services.

No matter how well-established a brand is, if customers can find a cheaper and more streamlined alternative, they will choose it. Start-ups and well-established companies must keep adopting digital business transformation strategies to improve their agility and performance and adapt to changes in the market.

Digital Business Transformation Can Improve Security

How does technology help businesses grow when it comes to security? One of the most significant issues that IT leaders face is placing as much data as possible at the edge of their networks while keeping it secure. This can require businesses to utilize rigorous enforcement around access, data compliance and shielding capabilities from possible attacks. However, this can come at the cost of slowing down networks, giving customers a reason to go somewhere else.

Businesses must implement proper digital transformation technologies consistently across all networks, applications and data for an appropriate security strategy. EDI can improve security protocols and keep the speed of a business network at proper working levels.

Digital Transformation Can Help In Employee Effectiveness

The current working model for employees has never shifted as rapidly as it did during the peak of the pandemic. Still, the effects have been felt in businesses across the entire landscape. Some employees have returned to work, others have continued to work remotely and some have adopted hybrid schedules that encompass both. Employers need new ways to create productivity improvements, and digital transformation technologies can play an essential role in helping employees increase the effectiveness of their roles both in and out of the office.

With the digital transformation, there is an opportunity to move away from manual processes such as finance and HR and experience the benefits of digital technology in automated processes, such as automated payrolls. This can give leaders a chance to focus on broader business opportunities and continuously cultivate an environment that helps employees achieve. EDI integration is just one way business leaders can focus more time and effort on the organizational structure of employees and processes that enable engaging customer experiences.

You Can Strengthen Your Business Partnerships With Digital Transformation Technologies

The demand for faster, more reliable services only continues to increase among customers – competition within industries is more aggressive than ever. Organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on the reliability of their suppliers, distributors, sub-contractors and specialized consultants to help produce the best products and services possible that help retain customer interest. Using digital transformation technologies in this context is one of the most apparent indicators of how technology helps business growth. Managing partners often require extensive document-based communication. Manually sharing documents with various partners is now outdated and inefficient – digital business transformation has taken over.

EDI integration streamlines the workflow process for a simple computer-to-computer exchange of data and documents in a digital format for each business’s trading partners. With digital transformation technologies, organizations will be more available to future partners. Over time, as a business begins to scale and adapt, digital transformation will help generate time and resource gains, giving a business the power to strengthen partnerships.

Undergoing the Digital Transformation Allows You to Take Advantage of Big Data

Data and analytics are at the center of any good digital transformation strategy. Having the ability to take advantage of big data coming their way can help businesses grow exponentially. Companies today have greater access to more data than ever before, thanks to the interconnected nature of today’s world. With the right digital transformation technologies, a business can convert data to valuable business insights that they can use to make more informed decisions for better business operations.

The benefits of digital technology, like EDI in this aspect, relate primarily to the possibility of evaluating large numbers and increasing data visibility. Thanks to digital transformation, this is possible without requiring a bigger budget.

EDI capabilities can help you accomplish your initial steps by automating your operations and allowing you to digitally exchange data with partners, aid in employee effectiveness, increase your security and help build your agility and performance. Start making the digital transformation today with 1 EDI Source. We offer the best EDI software on the market to help your business achieve its goals and grow. If you have any questions about how our EDI solutions can help your organization, contact us. A representative is standing by, ready to assist you.