EDI PAXLST Passenger list message


EDI PAXLST Specification

This Passenger List Message (PAXLST) permits the transfer ofpassenger/crew data from a Customs, Immigration or otherdesignated authority in the country of departure to theappropriate authorities in the country of arrival of the meansof transport. Where national privacy legislation permits, and with theagreement of all parties involved, this message may also beexchanged between carriers and Customs, Immigration, Police orany designated authorities. This transfer of data may occur upon departure from the sendingagency and prior to arrival of the vessel/ flight at thereceiving agency. This is to permit the designated authority atthe place of destination to screen this data and take timelydecisions related to the clearance of passengers and crew. The transfer of data may also occur prior to departure,carriers may transmit passenger listings to customs andimmigration for pre-arrival clearance. Endorsement of this message by the Customs Cooperation Councildoes not necessarily mean endorsement by national Immigrationor Police authorities, nor does it place any obligations onparties to apply the message.


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