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EDI 940: Warehouse Shipping Order Transaction Specifications

The EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order transaction set is used to instruct remote warehouses to ship orders. It is commonly used by a seller, such as a manufacturer or wholesaler, to authorize a warehouse to make a shipment to a buyer, such as a retailer. The 940 may also be used to confirm a shipment, modify a shipment or cancel a previous shipping order. The 940 transaction essentially instructs the warehouse on what to ship, how much and when. Specific information provided in this transaction set may include:
  • Manufacturer information
  • Delivery date
  • Item descriptions and quantities
  • Ship-to information (location name and address, contact, etc.)
  • Bill-to information
  • Shipment method information
The 940 Warehouse Shipping Order data can be generated from Sales Order or Purchase Order information. Warehouses may submit a 997 Acknowledgement in response to a 940 transaction, to verify its receipt. Once the order has shipped, a 945 Shipment Advice transaction is sent by the warehouse to provide the shipment details which, in turn, can be used by the seller to produce an 856 Advance Ship Notice and an 810 Invoice. Get the knowledge and skills you need to handle day-to-day EDI tasks more effectively with a comprehensive training program from 1 EDI Source. We offer a series of regular hands-on courses taught by the experts at 1 EDI Source. View our class schedule and register for a course today.

EDI 940 Format

ISA*01*0000000000*01*0000000000*ZZ*ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO*ZZ*123456789012345*101127*1719*U*00400*000003438*0*P*> GS*OW*7705551212*3111350000*20000128*0557*3317*T*004010UCS ST*940*0001 W05*N*538686**001001*538686 N1*ST*GRITS BREAD COMPANY*ZZ*00046349 N3*2100 SOUTHEAST AVE N4*SAN DIEGO*CA*91760 N1*DE*PINK BUNNY BREAD*9*0012345670001 N3*2323 BUNNY BLVD N4*MINNEAPOLIS*MN*55402 N1*WH*ONTARIO*9*0581493780140 N4*ONTARIO*CA*91761 N9*BR*R1121 G62*10*20000204 G62*02*20000207 NTE*WHI*SHIP ON CHEP PALLETS W66*PP*M***MTEN LX*1 W01*12*CA*000100011110*VN*000100*UC*DEC0199******19991205 G69*11.500 STRUD BLUBRY N9*PC*DEC0199 LX*2 W01*32*CA*000100022220*VN*000200*UC*DEC0299******19991207 G69*11.500 STRUD CINN N9*PC*DEC0299 LX*3 W01*12*CA*000100033330*VN*000300*UC*JAN0100******20000107 G69*11.500 STRUDEL RASPBRY N9*PC*JAN0100 W76*56*500*LB*24*CF SE*29*0001 IEA*1*3317

EDI 940 Specification

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Warehouse Shipping Order Transaction Set (940) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. This transaction set can be used to enable the depositor to advise a warehouse to make a shipment, confirm a shipment, or modify or cancel a previously transmitted shipping order.


Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA. http://www.x12.org

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