EDI 140 Product Registration

EDI 140 Format

EDI 140 Specification

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Product Registration Transaction Set (140) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to specify the manufacturer, seller, secondary warranter, and purchaser or lessee of the product. It can specify the date the product was sold, delivered, and placed in service as well as identify the product model and serial numbers. It can specify the class of service expected from this individual sale, for example: industrial, commercial, or household. This registration information can be used to divide sales commissions among sales associates or attribute license fees to the proper manufacturer. It can be used to submit many product registrations at one time to one receiving organization.


Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA. http://www.x12.org

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