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IntelligentXchange B2B Cloud Solution is Game Changer for INNOVA Disc Golf

October 10, 2016

Case study reveals how INNOVA Disc Golf has saved more than $15,000 in just three months, which has more than paid for their IX B2B visibility tool all while strengthening partner relationships.

INNOVA Disc Golf, the nation’s premier manufacturer of disc golf gear and recreational discs, sought out the cloud-based, B2B visibility tool to take control of their day to day B2B exchange activities in Spring 2016.

“We had no way of knowing if the data we were sending was good or bad, whether it was late, or why we were receiving chargebacks,” said Justin Alderman, EDI coordinator for INNOVA.

INNOVA understood that sending solid data to a major retailer was critical to their growth and needed a quick solution.

“We were very vulnerable and needed to find something that would give us visibility into our EDI data without having to implement a whole new, costly EDI translator”

And that’s exactly what IX offers.

“IntelligentXchange is finding its niche in both mid-sized and large businesses feeling the impact from problems within their B2B supply chain, but don’t have the necessary visibility and insights to fix them,” said Michael Hurley, director of product management for IntelligentXchange.

“Replacing an existing EDI solution may be the best option; however IX provides a much quicker and easier solution to solve their immediate needs.”

Hurley adds, “As a cloud-based solution, IX is quick to implement and can clip on to any existing EDI translator providing instant visibility and results that can impact every department including customer service, accounting, compliance and fulfillment.”

Key stakeholders at INNOVA participated in a demo of IX that utilized their unique data and was astonished by what they found.

“During the demo, we finally realized why a major trading partner was not paying their handling fees,” said Alderman. “Actually, we were failing to include those handling fees in the correct line segment of our EDI data, so we hadn’t even bought it (IX) yet and we had already made a discovery that more than paid for it.”

They also found that a major retailer was taking a total deduction of 2 percent on every invoice being sent.

“We had no idea why they were taking the deduction, so we continued to write it off as a price of doing business. But, IX identified the problem and we were able to correct it, instantly putting lost money back into revenue.”

Beyond the $15,000-plus savings they’ve been able to identify, they’re also noticing a whole new level of respect from the individuals they work with everyday.

“They’re now quick to respond and work through any issues that IX finds…visibility has definitely handicapped us in the past,” said Alderman. “For example, IX found that one of our partners was having issues transmitting their advanced ship notices (ASN) correctly. We worked with them to fix the issue and we’re saving an additional $1,800 a month now.”

“And IX has definitely allowed us to get paid a lot faster. Before we’d invoice one week after ship date, now we’re getting invoices out a day after shipment, which makes our partners happy and significantly improves cash flow,” added Alderman.


IntelligentXchange is powered by the experts at 1EDISource, Inc., a leading provider of EDI software/SaaS solutions and consulting designed to help organizations transform business-to-business operations. For more than 25 years, companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 corporations in various industries have come to rely on 1EDISource for innovative, easy-to-use software and cloud-based solutions to improve customer relationships and drive operational excellence.


INNOVA was formed in 1983 to meet the developing equipment needs of disc golfers. INNOVA president, Dave Dunipace, created the world’s first disc designed specifically for the sport of disc golf. That first disc, the Eagle, established INNOVA as the technological pacesetter in the game. More than 30 years later, INNOVA continues to be the most desired brand of disc golf discs and accessories throughout the world. To learn more, visit www.innovadiscs.com.

1EDISource Applies for U.S. Patent for IntelligentXchange

March 22, 2016

Unprecedented EDI visibility solution tool continues to change the way modern companies perform EDI.

1EDISource, Inc., the leading provider of business performance software and software-as-a-solution (SaaS), has applied for a U.S. patent for its groundbreaking EDI innovation IntelligentXchange [IX].

Designed to transform complicated EDI data into meaningful business milestones and metrics, now with a patent pending, IX is a cloud-based solution built with complex business rules, analytics and intelligence features allowing companies to easily identify costly problems and profitable opportunities inside volumes of complicated EDI data.

“We hear from clients and prospects every day that there is a definite need to make EDI simple and visible,” said David Lowman, president of 1EDISource, Inc. “Transacting business with partners is the lifeblood of a business; with the right type of reporting and visibility, companies can dramatically improve their supply chain efficiency. We built IX to address this important gap in today’s EDI solutions.”

Mr. Lowman added, “At the highest level, IX is designed to help companies decrease costs, accelerate cash collection cycles and, more importantly, take the friction out of customer relationships. Especially within the CPG environment where up to 2 percent of revenue is lost due to chargebacks and deductions, IX’s iPhone-like usability empowers the entire organization to transform how they manage their most important client relationships and recapture lost revenue.”

IX is a plug-and-play solution that can be bolted on to any EDI translator and be up and running in days with very little training or IT resources.

“IX is just the latest example of our approach to drive customer-centric innovation,” said Michael Hurley, Director of Product Management at 1EDISource, Inc. “The idea of this solution originated during our 2013 User Conference where clients shared their most complicated challenges while striving to be an exceptional supplier. Collectively we determined that getting valuable EDI data into the hands of the business stakeholders who need it most in a way that is both easy to understand and incredibly relevant will completely change the conversation related to the impact modern EDI can have in an organization.”

“For both the retail supply chain and consumer packaged goods industries, it’s a game-changing approach to providing accounting, finance, customer service reps and other critical business stakeholders insight into supply chain issues,” added Mr. Lowman. “This visibility has allowed them to better serve customers and impact their own financial performance.

Companies can request a demo or contact us.


1EDISource, Inc. is the leading provider of EDI software and SaaS solutions designed to help organizations transform business-to-business operations. For more than 25 years, companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 corporations in various industries have come to rely on 1EDISource for innovative, easy-to-use software and cloud-based solutions to improve customer relationships and drive operational excellence.

1EDISource Introduces the Product Documentation Wiki

November 7, 2012

1EDISource proudly launches the Products Documentation Wiki. This new Wiki will meet our users’ need for a comprehensive EDI software resource.

The Wiki provides instructional information to help users easily navigate their EDI solutions. 1EDISource clients will find answers to questions on topics ranging from basic system requirements and installation to more advanced software functionality such as handling alerts/errors and using our new Business Sense Module.

1EDISource clients will need to send their first and last name, company name and email address to wiki@1edisource.com to obtain a secure username and password to access the Product Documentation Wiki.