EDI Solutions For All Businesses

EDI Software and Solutions For All Businesses

Most EDI solutions are one size fits all. 1 EDI Source is different, providing flexible and customizable solutions to fit your business needs. Our suite of products provides solutions that are scalable for any size business in any industry, and if you’d rather not manage your own EDI, our experts can do it for you. Below you can view all of our products to see which is the best fit for your unique business needs.

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Watch Our Video

EDI HeadQuarters [HQ]

EDI Headquarters is 1 EDI Source’s most comprehensive EDI solution. HQ allows you to manage and access your EDI data your way, whether you choose On-Premise or Hosted we can cater HQ to meet your industry specific needs. HQ provides our clients with a scalable and flexible solution which is supported by your EDI experts. HQ provides versatile platforms that allow you to fully leverage integrated ERP solutions and provide visibility for direct conflict resolution to instantly elevate your partner requirements bringing your partner relationships to new levels.
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ManagedXchange [MX]

1 EDI Source has been automating B2B exchange for nearly 30 years, generating benefits for your organization such as streamlined business processes, reduction of manual entry, and more accurate data input for your back office. This is accomplished through our managedXchange platform. MX allows our experienced professional consultants to increase the speed of client onboarding and provide integration options tailored to your unique business needs. Best of all, you retain the option to bring EDI back in house with our HQ solution.
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PartnerXchange [PX]

Do you have new trading partners to connect with and need a quick and easily implemented EDI solution right now? PartnerXchange is the perfect EDI solution for your needs. PX is a cutting edge EDI platform that empowers you to exchange data with your trading partners easily and effectively. By utilizing PX for your business, you’ll gain several advantages such as: configurable alerts to avoid missed deadlines, complete trading partner compliance, a simple intuitive interface to guide users new to EDI and much more.
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IntelligentXchange [IX]

IntelligentXchange is our flagship cloud-based software that provides empowered data through visibility. IX is our EDI translator and transforms complicated EDI data into actionable information for any department. IX immediately limits mistakes and research time while finding opportunities quickly and significantly improves client relationships and revenue. The best part of IX is that it’s a clip on software solution that works with any EDI platform.
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AS2 Complete

AS2 Complete

AS2 Complete is the right solution for your data encryption needs. Our AS2 solutions provides secure and reliable access to share EDI files with your partners whether you have 1 or a 100. AS2 enables you to easily set up and manage trading partners, quickly generate certificates, respond and comply with your partner requirements and manage messages through alerts and logs from an inbound and outbound transmission.
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