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Are you an SAP ERP user looking to upgrade to a modern EDI B2B Integration solution?

1 EDI Source offers a simple transition from your legacy system onto our most powerful EDI platform HQXchange™ [HQX] with our innovative HQX AutoMapper™. The HQX AutoMapper™ eliminates the challenges associated with modernizing your B2B platform by simplifying the transition process with automation and tight integration with your ERP.

Why Should You Upgrade to a Modern EDI Solution?

  • The business doesn’t have visibility into the document transaction flow
  • Current trading partner setup is time consuming and difficult
  • Your business partner relationships are suffering
  • Have financial and/or operational supply chain inefficiencies

How the HQX AutoMapper™ Effectively Makes the Case to Modernize Your B2B Integration Solution

  • HQX AutoMapper™ automatically generates standardized HQX integration maps. This leads to consistent maps across entire B2B trading partner network making for easy map management.
  • HQX AutoMapper™ can automatically complete over 90% of the mapping integration for orders and invoices accelerating the completion of order-to-cash integration projects up to 10x faster for in-place integration upgrades.
  • A ten-week mapping implementation can be completed in one week.

With the HQX AutoMapper™ the Transition to HQX and IX is Seamless

Make the Switch to Our Industry Leading EDI Solutions