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Modernize Your B2B Integration Platform with Our HQX AutoMapper™

Are you an SAP ERP user looking to upgrade to a modern EDI B2B Integration solution?

1 EDI Source offers a simple transition from your legacy system onto our most powerful EDI platform HQXchange™ [HQX] with our innovative HQX AutoMapper™. The HQX AutoMapper™ eliminates the challenges associated with modernizing your B2B platform by simplifying the transition process with automation and tight integration with your ERP.

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EDI Modern Solutions

Why Should You Upgrade to a Modern EDI Solution?

  • The business doesn’t have visibility into the document transaction flow
  • Current trading partner setup is time consuming and difficult
  • Your business partner relationships are suffering
  • Have financial and/or operational supply chain inefficiencies

How the HQX AutoMapper™ Effectively Makes the Case to Modernize Your B2B Integration Solution

  • HQX AutoMapper™ automatically generates standardized HQX integration maps. This leads to consistent maps across entire B2B trading partner network making for easy map management.
  • HQX AutoMapper™ can automatically complete over 90% of the mapping integration for orders and invoices accelerating the completion of order-to-cash integration projects up to 10x faster for in-place integration upgrades.
  • A ten-week mapping implementation can be completed in one week.

With the HQX AutoMapper™ the Transition to HQX and IX is Seamless

Modern, innovative, and supported integration platform.

Time-to-value for new trading partner connections.

Implement, test, and deploy map changes with confidence from standardized integration maps.

Retain all integration map outputs, eliminating the need to re-test with trading partner community.

Make the Switch to Our Industry Leading EDI Solutions

HQXchange (HQX) Cloud Based EDI Solution HQXchange
Innovative EDI Platform – Our Most Comprehensive EDI Solution
HQX bundles our EDI HQ mapping and translation software, IX visibility portal and AS2 Complete data encryption software with expert in-house technical support for an enterprise EDI platform with unrivaled depth and flexibility.

Learn More About HQX

IntelligentXchange EDI Solution IntelligentXchange
EDI Visibility, Analytics and Alerting Tool for EDI Software
IX is an easy-to-implement visibility tool that is included with our HQX EDI translator and can be accessed across your company’s departments. Full EDI insight to identify and fix issues before they affect revenue or business relationships.

Learn More About IX

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