Amazon EDI Compliance:
What you need to know to achieve compliance

Amazon EDI Integration

With over 30 years of EDI experience, 1 EDI Source has worked with Amazon and many other large retailers to ensure successful EDI compliance for our clients.

Amazon has become one of the largest internet-based retailers within the United States. With Amazon’s efforts to provide the best customer experience possible, their demands on vendors are very strict. Vendors must maintain full compliance with Amazon’s EDI standards or face significant fines and chargebacks and possibly even lose the ability to transact business with Amazon altogether. The good news is that a comprehensive EDI software solution can solve issues with compliance, while increasing your operational efficiencies.

Why 1 EDI Source is the Best Choice for Your Successful Integration with Amazon

We have integrated our clients with Amazon and many other trading partners to provide them with a full compliance EDI solution. EDI is our specialty and we offer comprehensive solutions with our innovative software and so much more.

  • In-house expert support team
  • Implementation specialists
  • Quick trading partner onboarding
  • Personalized software dashboards, reporting and alerting
  • Intuitive software with frequent updates and improvements
  • ERP integration with all common back-office systems and custom ERPs
  • Flexible and scalable software to grow with your business
  • Custom EDI solutions for unique needs
  • Cloud-based, web-based and fully managed solutions

Let us make your business EDI capable for Amazon with one of our EDI integration solutions that range from software to SAAS to fully managed.

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1 EDI Source has all the Transaction Set Information and Free T-set Codes you will ever need right here on our website!

Here is a list of common Amazon EDI Standards you can expect when working with Amazon:

View all X12 Transaction Sets and Codes Here.

Download the Free Transaction Set Quick Reference Guide Here.

1 EDI Source provides updated Amazon EDI trading partner updates to keep you current with new and upcoming requirements.

Visit our most recent Amazon Trading Partner Updates:

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Amazon Merging Chargebacks for Purchase Order Fulfillment

Learn more about how 1 EDI Source can help you become compliant with Amazon and all your trading partners.

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