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1 EDI Source EDI and B2B Integration Solutions

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Are You Looking to Modernize Your B2B Integration Platform?

Invest in Epicor ERP’s go-forward EDI solution.

1 EDI Source has joined Epicor to become the go-forward EDI solution for Epicor ERP customers with seamless integration and expert support. 1 EDI Source has over 31 years of experience providing innovative EDI and B2B software and services for companies ranging from small to large enterprises in a variety of industries. Specializing in EDI solutions for retail and consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics, healthcare, general business services and more; we have a solution perfect for your unique business needs

Take advantage of these benefits and more with a 1 EDI Source solution

  • Become EDI compliant with your most important trading partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Purpose built EDI solutions that scale with your growing business demands.
  • Gain document lifecycle visibility and supply chain insights.
  • Fully outsourced EDI managed services offering.
  • Integrated Epicor ERP and EDI software, and expert service for one cohesive solution.

1 EDI Source Integrated Offerings

Comprehensive B2B Integration Suite

1 EDI Source offers a single bundle EDI and Business visibility software package that supports your B2B and EDI mapping and translation through our inovative HQXchange™ [HQX] platform.

Fully Outsourced EDI Managed Services Offering

1 EDI Source also offers managed EDI through our enterprise ManagedXchange™ [MX] solution. Our dedicated managed services team acts as an extension of your company’s IT team, managing customer B2B document exchange, on-boarding, setup, and suppor. MX allows you and your team to rely on the experts at 1 EDI Source to manage your EDI exchange and stay fully compliant with your trading partners, giving you the time you need to focus on your core business.

1 EDI Source has developed integrated offerings and deployment methods to support you in your migration planning and ERP integration.

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What Considerations Should I Take Into Account During Epicor ERP & EDI Integration?

When it comes to your EDI solution, one of the most critical projects is integrating your back-office ERP and EDI systems. When integrating Epicor ERP and your EDI system, there are three focus areas you should fully explore during the process.

Integration Communication:

What method is used between your EDI and ERP systems?

Business Rules Validation Processes:

What business solution will be handling your Business Rules Validation Processes, Epicor or EDI solution? How will error handling and reporting be managed?


Where is business document transaction data stored? Including data cross-reference lookup tables and turnaround data.

1 EDI Source Solution Overview

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