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What is AS2 or Applicability Standard 2?

AS2 or Applicability Standard 2 is one of the most common methods for transporting electronic data interchange EDI securely and reliably (and inexpensively) over the Internet.

AS2 creates a sort of an iron-clad ‘envelope’ for the EDI data, which allows it to be sent from one computer to another over the web using digital certificates and encryption.

Here are two reasons you should be using AS2:

1. Due to security standards, many organizations require partners to use AS2 for all EDI or other business to business communications. And for those working in healthcare, it also satisfies many of the HIPAA requirements.

2. Any organization with constant access to the Internet is capable of handling AS2 communications, which allows for immediate transmission of files directly between trading partners eliminating the need for a VAN (Value Added Network) to handle data exchange.

Walmart, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond have helped drive the adoption of AS2 in the retail sector.

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