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EDI Solutions for Different Industries

Tailored solutions for each industry’s specific EDI needs.

While not every type of business is required to use EDI, it is quickly becoming a standard for handling all types of electronic business transactions. 

With more than 25 years of experience creating, configuring and providing support for our EDI solutions, 1EDISource has developed a strong understanding of each industry’s unique challenges and obstacles when it comes to transaction management. Because of this, we’ve incorporated our learnings into our solutions, to make them tailored by industry so that they are easy and beneficial to use.

Industrial Manufacturing

Realize enhanced operational efficiency while lowering costs. Not only can you improve tracking and processes, but virtually eliminate fines and chargebacks. Our EDI solutions are compliant with large trading partners like Caterpillar, General Motors, Eaton, General Electric and more.

Discover all the benefits of our EDI solutions for Industrial Manufacturing   

Consumer Packaged Goods

Seamlessly process transactions between customers, 3PL warehouses and business partners. By using an advanced EDI solution like ours, you can improve productivity and reduce discrepancies, all with complete visibility at the transaction level.

Discover all the benefits of our EDI solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods   


Easily exchange EDI with your customers and the entire supply chain – all through a simple web interface. Send and receive any document type, including invoices, purchase orders, advanced shipping notices and more.

Discover all the benefits of our EDI solutions for Suppliers   


Our EDI solutions help keep you compliant with ever-changing HIPAA regulations and data standards. In addition, your transaction data is transparent and accessible for regulating entities, and transmitted through secure encrypted protocols.

Discover all the benefits of our EDI solutions for Healthcare   


Improve accuracy and timeliness with an EDI solution that aligns with your trading partner requirements. Because our EDI solutions can integrate with your TMS or WMS, you can offer real-time processing of incoming and outgoing shipment EDI data.

Discover all the benefits of our EDI solutions for Transportation   


Avoid compliance issues and processing errors. Track shipping orders and invoices at all stages of fulfillment – at the trading partner and transaction level. An advanced EDI solution can do all of this and more to help improve your warehouse efficiency.

Discover all the benefits of our EDI solutions for Logistics   

General Business Services

The business uses of EDI are as diverse as the types of transactions that EDI supports. From providing claims or invoice processing services for insurance provides and utility companies to performing EDI data auditing or analytics services for your customers, you need a powerful EDI solution that can meet your unique business requirements head on. 

Discover all the benefits of our EDI solutions for General Business Services   

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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