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Calendar Intro to EDI and EDI Data Mapping
Monday, May 8 9:00 AM
2 day course
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our hands-on curriculum provides a solid working knowledge of EDI tasks, techniques and management. All training courses are taught in a classroom environment using our own world-class EDI software—EDI/HQ™. Take one session, or take all three. You have the power to design your own learning experience. Each student is provided with a PC during class.

Also, check out our webinars for quick, practical solutions for everyday EDI challenges.

Introduction to EDI and EDI Data Mapping

This basic level course is designed for beginners or for those seeking a general understanding of EDI. We provide an overview of EDI terminology, technology, protocols and standards and insight into the core tasks of setting up and running an EDI system.

1 EDI Source and their software EDI/HQ provided me with a simple way of learning EDI.

Matt Couchot,
EDI Analyst/Programmer,
Precision Strip, Inc

  • Why do EDI?
  • EDI origin and history
  • Difference between X12, EDIFACT and XML
  • EDI business and technical procedures
  • Basic components and technology needed to perform EDI
  • Communications software, VAN’s and interconnects
  • Understanding standards manuals
  • Understanding EDI trading partner implementation guides
  • How EDI transactions are transmitted, received, translated/processed and tracked between trading partners
  • How to set up a trading partner
  • What is EDI data mapping? Why do it?
  • Application data vs. EDI data
  • Common application data types
  • Understanding data processing flows
  • Business logic in maps
  • Simple data conversions
  • Common mapping hurdles
  • Extracting and re-processing data
  • Reporting tools (i.e. FA report)
  • Logs and error reports
  • Troubleshooting

Intermediate Data Mapping

Learn more detailed data mapping practices and techniques with our intermediate level offering. Learn about different file types and application data formats. Get first-hand knowledge of setting up logic, using variables and cross-references, and more.
  • File definitions
  • Application data types (fixed length, delimited, named records, etc.)
  • Data conversion and cross references
  • Variables
  • Conditional/logical expressions
  • Counters and calculations
  • Multiple output destinations (reports, email notifications, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting and debugging techniques
  • Creation of multiple processes and jobs
Ensuring that all customers are taken care of around the clock while attending training put 1 EDI Source at the head of the class in my opinion

Nicole Campbell,
Service Partners

Advanced Mapping

Move to a whole new level of complex and intensive mapping and integration approaches with our advanced offering. Learn looping, nesting, direct database injection and other advanced operations.
  • Complex mapping (856)
  • Understanding looping structures
  • Nesting and re-using maps
  • Mapping direct to databases (ODBC)
  • Different types of integration
  • Advanced mapping operators
  • Reporting tools
  • Troubleshooting
  • Error handling
  • Email notification

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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