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Vendor Coordination for Trading Partner Compliance

When organizations communicate with EDI, everybody benefits, with increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, greater accuracy, reduced costs, and more. In spite of these benefits, getting your partners to participate can often be a challenge.

Simply mandating EDI isn’t sufficient. You need a comprehensive onboarding program to maximize compliance while building positive trading partner relationships.

That’s why 1EDISource offers Vendor Coordination services. Our turn-key approach to vendor onboarding drives greater compliance, more collaboration and maximum performance.

Vendor Onboarding: a Better Program for Better Results

At 1EDISource, we offer a proven, customized approach to onboarding that enhances trading partner relationships, as well as compliance and performance. We work with you to understand your particular goals. Then we develop a program to achieve those goals…and one that makes sense for your particular supply chain.

Every EDI Vendor Coordination program is different, but all include:

  • Clearly defined compliance goals for your business
  • Specific EDI requirements for your trading partners
  • Powerful EDI tools for your vendors to ensure full compliance
  • Total visibility, with dashboards  and alerts to track progress
  • Regular feedback, including performance scorecards and statistics

And of course, we take the same customer service approach to your trading partners that you expect from 1EDISource. With the right tools and the right approach, 1EDI Source Vendor Coordination programs yield real results with a higher level of compliance.

Helping Your Trading Partners

Helping your vendors achieve EDI compliance requires an effective and easy-to-use set of EDI tools. 1EDISource sets the standard.

Your vendors will be offered an option:

  • Partners already EDI-enabled can test on the onboarding portal and get verified.
  • For those vendors not using EDI already, we provide our EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal. They get all the benefits of our premium EDI web portal, including full EDI capabilities, an easy user interface, alerts and more. Plus, we work with them to get them set up and trained.

Of course, our most impressive tools may be our people – EDI experts, each with a customer-first attitude, who know how to make EDI work for every organization. That includes yours and your trading partners’. We work with each vendor, creating test scenarios, and verifying that their data meets every requirement. Then, we continue to work with them as needed, to ensure full compliance and full satisfaction.

Helping You

Your Vendor Coordination program is about maximizing compliance, so your EDI initiatives are more fully optimized. That’s why we work with you through the entire process. From initial planning to implementation with your vendors, we help you achieve your goals every step of the way.< p/>

  • It starts with planning, working with you to set goals, establish metrics and understand your vendor list.
  • From there, we send a letter to your vendors, on your letterhead, explaining their options.
  • Then we work with your trading partners to implement the program.

We’ll provide you with a dashboard showing the detailed status of each vendor. You also get vendor scorecards, so you can see how each is performing relative to your requirements.

We can also review your implementation guides and help upgrade them to improve compliance…or we can create one for you, if you need it.

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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