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About 1 EDI Source, Inc.

Successful EDI initiatives require careful thought of a number of factors beginning simply with trading partner compliance and data integration.

However, EDI often extends into process automation and adherence to internal business process needs, which requires a high degree of visibility and control over the automated processes.

Only EDI/HQ provides the speed, visibility and flexibility needed to expertly manage your most important business relationships. Discover EDI/HQ.

Initial EDI projects often focus just on data integration, failing to take into consideration the higher-level benefits of process automation, collaboration and intelligence during implementation

So according to recent studies, organizations are then attempting to achieve the higher-level benefits by customizing solutions in and around their ERP to handle EDI project automation, visibility and control. After all, the role of an ERP is to automate workflows and information access for the entire organization, right?

Sure, but best in class companies are now realizing that the objective should be to achieve integrated operations, and that requires leveraging data in its native EDI form that compliments ERP information.

That is at the core of what 1 EDI Source, Inc. offers modern companies—the ability to take EDI beyond just compliance and use it as a strategic business tool to lower costs and enhance revenues. In addition to our wide variety of product offerings, 1 EDI Source offers a full range of services to help you achieve operational excellence.


1 EDI Source Services

Through 1 EDI University, users can learn how maximize their investment in EDI/HQ™ through either a comprehensive in-person training hosted at the 1 EDI Source, Inc. offices or through monthly webinars scheduled throughout the year.

When you choose 1 EDI Source, you immediately receive a dedicated EDI consulted focused on solving problems, answering questions, overcoming obstacles and helping you achieve goals.

Our EDI experts have handled hundreds of migrations from other solution providers including Gentran, Sterling, Liaison, SPS Commerce and GXS
Go beyond just integration with your trading partners. Through 1 EDI Source we integrate your entire system including your ERP, warehouse, business and accounting applications, improving visibility to help you make better decisions. Our experience includes integration with standard ERPs including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. But where we really excel is helping integrate with custom solutions.

Establishing reliable, secure connections with trading partners is critical. Our AS2 Complete solution complies with standards making it easy for you to send secure EDI or other data, create and manage certificates, handle data encryption and decryption, and more.

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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