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May 28, 2015

Cleveland Ohio-based Winston Products LLC chose IntelligentXchange (IX)to complement their Gentran EDI system and Microsoft GP ERP after finding opportunities to capture $95,000 in additional revenue, accelerate customer payments, and gain internal efficiency.

Winston Products LLC, a Cleveland, Ohio-based consumer package goods company specializing in providing innovative products ranging from Yonanas dessert makers to strap and towing products, has selected 1 EDI Source to provide a powerful new software-as-a-solution (SaaS) option called IntelligentXchange.

IntelligentXchange transforms complicated data into meaningful business milestones and metrics, providing supply-chain transparency throughout the organization.

1 EDI Source, the leader in providing EDI business performance software and SaaS, launched IntelligentXchange earlier this year. It offers high-growth companies access to an enterprise solution that can be plugged into existing supply-chain data and offer significant opportunities to enhance business relationships, improve profitability and gain significant operational efficiencies.

“For the retail supply chain and manufacturing industries, like Winston, it’s an industry-changing approach to providing accounting, finance, shipping, customer service representatives and other critical business stakeholders insight into operational opportunities,” says David Lowman, president of 1 EDI Source.

“By optimizing processes and enabling business users with the information they are demanding, IntelligentXchange can significantly improve business performance,” added Lowman.

1 EDI Source analyzes current data within hours and accurately reports out on how IntelligentXchange can improve operations. The software is then deployed in one day, no hardware or IT resources needed.


Winston Products initially implemented EDI to connect and comply with key customers such as Walmart, Meijer and others.

The EDI solution automated the order-to-cash process across their higher-volume trading partners. However, when accounts receivable would identify a customer that didn’t pay, their only option was to attempt to resend the same invoice. But since the root cause wasn’t addressed, the invoice would continue to go unpaid.

Customers were becoming frustrated having to repeatedly call accounts payable with EDI issues.

“EDI was putting a considerable strain on the day-to-day relationships with key trading partners. DSO (days sales outstanding) was up, revenue was being lost, and a great deal of time was being spent researching pricing and invoicing issues,” says Laura Keck, VP of finance at Winston Products. “Although operations had the skill and ability to do initial research, they found it difficult to pin-point the cause of these issues.”

Weary, Winston Products contacted 1 EDI Source and deployed IntelligentXchange to provide enhanced visibility and control over operations.

“IntelliegentXchange provided instant insight into a pricing issue causing a 5 percent variance on a key customer’s invoices. And 1 EDI Source highlighted revenue opportunities, such as an additional $95,000 related to ongoing business and process issues,” added Keck.

Winston Products was also able to reduce delayed revenue from a key customer and gain significant efficiency in the finance team, meaning both finance and operations could focus on more strategic opportunities to support company growth.

ABOUT 1 EDI Source, INC.

1 EDI Source is the leading provider of EDI software and SaaS designed to help organizations transform business-to-business operations. For more than 25 years, companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 corporations in various industries have come to rely on 1 EDI Source for innovative, easy-to-use software and cloud-based solutions to improve customer relationships and drive operational excellence.


Based in Cleveland, Ohio with over 50 employees, Winston Products, LLC is a premiere product development company that delivers true innovation to the market for customers and consumers alike. From ratchet straps and towing accessories to cleaning products and small appliances, the industry trusts Winston Products to consistently provide customers with truly innovative product solutions. To learn more, visit winstonproducts.com.