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August 18, 2012

A company’s integration needs are specific to them.

Some companies have a deeply automated EDI system. Other companies have a more manual system. Either way, we have a solution for your company and will work with you to accomplish your goals and meet your milestones.

Some backend systems have the potential to be extremely automated. You may want the data committed directly into your system. But, depending on your companies needs, you may decide on user activated routines.

EDI/HQ has the ability to write inbound data directly to your backend system. Your company may decide that it would be better to release the inbound data before it goes into your system. For example, your trading partner is sending you a purchase order. Your HQ inbound 850 map will write the purchase order data directly to a staging system. From there it can be released into your backend system.

For an outsourcing client, one solution we can offer is our EDI WebSource integration. This solution can be customized to load your purchase orders onto EDI WebSource and let you choose when and what you will release into your backend system. Also, if you have different departments handling transactions, you can customize each user group choosing what they can see, access, adjust, and even release. For example, depending on the setup, we can send an email notification to the informing you a new purchase order is available on EDI WebSource.

You will then log into our EDI WebSource system and review the transaction to determine if it is ready to be released. Once you release the transaction, data may be sent to your ERP system and injected while EDI WebSource readies the transaction for another user group to begin handling their part of the EDI business process.

These are just a few examples of how we can customize solutions to meet your needs. By leveraging our solutions, we can help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.