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December 22, 2011

For several years Vistar/Roma Mid-Atlantic has been a combination of two separate business entities. ROMA is a foodservice distributor and VISTAR distributes to Vend, OCS, Theatres, Retail, etc. On January 19, 2012 we will be separating these and move Vistar Mid-Atlantic to a new location while keeping their original +4 Digit DUNS number of 1030. Roma will remain in the same location with a new DUNS number of 1034 and a new name, Performance Foodservice Roma – Philadelphia (Roma Philly, for short).
If you receive orders from either the Vistar, Roma or both sides you will need to make changes in your EDI tables or records.


Performance Foodservice Roma – Philadelphia (will remain at)

301 Heron Drive

Swedesboro NJ 08085

DUNS: 1034 (new)


856-467-8100 local

856-467-7000 main fax line

VISTAR Mid-Atlantic (will relocate to)

1109 Commerce Blvd

Swedesboro NJ 08085

DUNS: 1030 (same)


856-294-0500 local

856-294-0501 main fax line

The Bill-to address for both Vistar Mid-Atlantic and Performance Foodservice Roma – Philadelphia will remain the same Denver P.O. Box as all of our Vistar and Roma locations. (P.O. Box 173925, Denver, CO 80217-3925)

For your reference our ID’s are:

ISA : 01 / 040708919

GS : 040708919

VAN: NuBridges

Contact Vistar Roma for more information:

Denver Support Center

(303) 662-7227