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February 17, 2010

VICS BOL Compliance T-Set 856 Update

In 2004 Dillard’s mandated the use of the VICS paper bill of lading (BOL) and the VICS 17 digit BOL number. We have seen a high level of compliance with this and we thank all of our trading partners that have implemented this mandate.

We are however running into two major problems with the use of the VICS BOL number that prevent us from fully utilizing it in our receiving system.

1. The BOL number transmitted on the ASN does not match the BOL number on the carrier’s paper copy of the BOL.

2. Multiple BOL numbers (sub BOL numbers) are transmitted on the ASN and a Master BOL number is put on the carrier’s paper BOL.

If your system creates a master BOL number to group multiple orders into one shipment you must transmit the master BOL on the ASN and put the master BOL number on the carrier’s paper copy of the BOL. There can only be one BOL number per shipment. These problems must be addressed immediately.

We have instituted a $500 non-compliance chargeback for these errors. Once the problem is corrected you can request reversal of any paper BOL chargeback’s that have occurred within 45 days of the correction.

FedEx ground shipments do not require the 17 digit BOL or paper form.

Dillard’s appreciates your continued cooperation and expects both our companies to benefit from these requirements.


Fred Anderson
Director of Transportation
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