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April 29, 2009

Important: If your company already provides vendor-assigned GTINs for Kmart product, you can disregard this notice. If your company has been receiving Kmart-assigned GTINs, this process change applies to your company. Please forward this information to the appropriate associates in your company that support product identification, marking and packaging.



Global Trade Item Numbers (“GTINs”) uniquely identify products. A GTIN – U.P.C. or EAN – that is fully compliant with retail industry standards must be assigned to every new product sold to Kmart. A U.P.C. or EAN bar code, fully compliant with retail industry standards, must be attached to each product shipped to Kmart via direct print on packaging or adhesive stickers, tickets, hangtags, etc.

As of June 1, 2009, Kmart will no longer assign retail GTINs (U.P.C. or EAN) to Kmart product for vendors. It will be the vendor’s responsibility to assign retail GTINs to any new items entered into our Item Maintenance Application (“IMA”). NOTE: This does not apply to existing items already entered into IMA with GTINs assigned.

All items, even those where a bar code is not scanned at a Kmart POS register, must have a vendor-assigned GTIN in order to set up the items in the Kmart item master database. The number assignment must be fully compliant with retail industry standards. As a vendor, you must assign a U.P.C. or EAN to every new product that you sell to Kmart including proprietary-branded products (e.g., Essential Home, Jaclyn Smith, etc.) It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide this information to Kmart prior to shipment of product.


Assign a unique GTIN for:
* Different colors
* Cents off promotion items
* Items within an assortment

Provide Kmart your GTINs with the corresponding Kmart codes as soon as you assign them. Industry guidelines and Kmart policy require a minimum 30 days advance notice be given when new products are introduced or GTINs are changed.

Kmart will not accept:

* GTIN-12 (U.P.C.) numbers beginning with ‘4’ or ‘5’.
* GTIN-13 (EAN) numbers beginning with ‘0’.
* Zero suppressed numbers (UPC-E or EAN-8). The numbers must be expanded to the full 12 digits (UPC-A). Kmart will retain the full 12 digits in the item database.
* GTIN-12 or GTIN-13 numbers where the party assigning the number does not own the Company Prefix.

When changes are made in product weight, count or formulation, Kmart requires the issuance of a new GTIN. This is consistent with the overall guidelines issued by GS1.


Beginning June 1, 2009, all new product shipping to Kmart must have vendor-assigned GTINs (U.P.C. or EAN). These numbers are to be keyed into IMA when the item is entered into our item master database.

All new Spring 2010 items must have vendor-assigned GTINs entered into IMA.


1. Join GS1 US (formerly the Uniform Code Council) to get an EAN/UCC Company Prefix (identification number for your company’s use). You will need this number to create your own GTINs. Visit their website at www.gs1us.org or call 937-435-3870 for membership application and prices. Membership fees are based on sales volume.
2. Work with your Kmart buyer to set up a process to assign and track GTIN numbers to every product that you sell to Kmart. GS1 US can provide guidelines to help you get started.
3. Return all information requested by your Kmart buyer promptly.

If you have any questions regarding this process, contact your Kmart buyer or myself.

Thank you.

Carrie Haler
Director, Packaging Services