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June 7, 2013

Ever wish you could merge your order management system and your EDI system together?

Workflow Intelligence built into your EDI/PX™ Portal helps you manage your orders so you can keep track of what transactions have been sent and which transactions are still pending.

EDI/PX is as easy to navigate as your email application and with the click of a button allows you to send your EDI documents so you can be EDI compliant with your Trading Partners. When you view your orders in the inbox (Figure A), you’ll be able to see which shipments are Due Soon and which are Overdue. This helps you keep track of which shipments are priority based on the shipment dates sent by your Trading Partner.

Our new and improved EDI/PX Web Portal walks you through the process of fulfilling orders, so there’s no more guessing which transaction to create and send next and where to click on the screen to move on to the next step.

Workflow Intelligence is setup according to your Trading Partner specifications, so it’s customized for the way you need to do business based on what each of your Trading Partners requires.

When you open up your Purchase Order for the first time, your transaction messages up at the top will let you know of any pertinent information and also guide you through each step that needs done. There’s no chance of missing a step as the Workflow settings can be setup to not enable to user to continue on without completing the current transaction needed for the Trading Partnership.

As you can see in Figure B, this purchase order requires an 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment be sent and allows you to select the appropriate button in order to create the 855.

Once you select the 855 button, your 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment will come up (Figure C) and you will be able to fill out the document and send.

Your inbox will reflect that the 855 Acknowledgment has been sent and will update the status next to that order as Change Requested or Approved if no changes were made.

When you open your order again, as Figure D shows, the Order Status will show approved and will allow you to move onto the 856 Advance Ship Notice. The Workflow Intelligence will keep track of how many items were ordered and how many have been shipped.

Once you select the 856 button, you are able to pack your shipment electronically so we can create the proper number of cartons and GS1-128 (formerly UCC/EAN-128, UCC-128, and EAN-128) Shipping Label numbers if applicable. Your 856 Advance Ship Notice screen (Figure E) will allow you to input your shipment information and send.

When you return to your Inbox after your 856 Advance Ship Notice has been sent, the Ship Status will show as Shipped Complete. If you have a partial shipment, the status will show as Partial Shipped.

Next you’ll want to invoice. When you open your order, it will show as shipped and give you the option to create the 810 invoice for this order, as in Figure F. Once you select the 810 button, your Invoice for your Trading Partner will come up and you can enter your invoice number and send. After your invoice is sent, your inbox will reflect the Invoice Status as Invoice Complete or if you had a partial invoice it will show Partial Invoice.

EDI/PX has other advanced features built in such as email alerts and the ability to send your GS1-128 Shipping Labels in a PDF format to your email. Your EDI Consultant can also get you set up with the ability to download your transactions in a CSV file customized to only display the fields you need to be able to view directly from your EDI/PX Web Portal.

Is your business EDI compliant, but you have suppliers that aren’t EDI capable? EDI/PX is a great way to get your suppliers on-board with EDI and gives them a user friendly portal in order to meet those EDI Standards that your partnership requires. This not only eliminates those paper documents, but streamlines the process and makes data transfer more secure.

If you would like more information on how EDI/PX with Workflow Intelligence can benefit your business, call us today at 1-877-EDI-1EDI or visit us on the web at www.1edisource.com.

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