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October 5, 2011

EDI/HQ’s data mapper contains many operators to help you achieve your data conversion goals.
Take the time to investigate the operators and learn what each does. Many times one operator can perform the function you want instead of using two, three, or four operators.

For example, if your goal is to add a mapped data item to the left of a previously populated variable, instead of using two operators to achieve this (Add Text Variable On Right, Store to Text Variable), you can use just one operator: Add to Left of Text Variable.

Similarly, if your goal is to suppress an entire segment if one element of that segment is blank, a complicated way to go about it is to add a Suppress Based on Element operator on each element, which will suppress only the CURRENT element if a different checked element is blank. A simpler way to achieve your goal is to use a single operator, Suppress if Blank, in the element that may be blank. If the element is blank, then the Suppress if Blank operator will suppress the WHOLE segment at once.

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