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May 9, 2013

Does your business spend valuable time tracking transactions through your EDI translator?

Have you ever needed to quickly get a recap of all the invoices your company sent to your biggest customer the previous day? If you find yourself having these problems, look no further than EDI/HQ™ from 1 EDI Source to handle this for you! EDI/HQ comes complete with a wide variety of  EDI reporting options so you can get the data you are looking for quickly and cleanly. If you would like to now the dollar amount you billed your customer the day before, it is as easy as setting up a filter on the system and using that filter to create a repot you can have emailed to the addresses of your choosing! Set the time for the report to run, and you can know exactly how much you invoiced while enjoying your morning coffee!

Maybe you have outside sales reps all throughout the country. Set up a filter for each of their accounts and they can be notified of their invoices daily, weekly, and monthly, whatever time span you choose! No need for you to manually create a report in your ERP when it can be done automatically in EDI/HQ. If you should sever ties with the rep, turning off the report is as easy as the touch of a mouse click in your system.

If you are worried your trading partners are not receiving your outbound transactions in a timely manner, use EDI/HQ to set up an acknowledgement report. It will give you a listing of all transactions your system has sent, and notify you if they are not yet acknowledged. This can save you the valuable time of looking through the system to see if that ship notice from the day before has been accepted. You can contact the trading partner directly, and have the issue resolved in the time you would have spent combing through your data on your translator.

If you are looking for a complete EDI solution that will handle your business needs, look no further than EDI/HQ. Look inside and configure a great number of reports to streamline your business needs. Free up time for both you and your staff that can be used for growing your business in other areas. Give 1 EDI Source a call and put EDI/HQ to work for you!