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February 7, 2013

Using EDI/HQ to E-Mail Payment Advice Reports

Did you know you can create and email consolidated reports from EDI/HQ?

The first step in creating a great report is by determining what data you are receiving and how it needs to be organized. One of the popular consolidated reports is based off the 820, the Payment Order/ Remit Advice map. Using this inbound document EDI/HQ can create a report that consolidates the information into a single report. The report will show grand totals for each company that sent in an 820, instead of hundreds/thousands of payment detail lines, from all customers.

Once the report is created, EDI/HQ will need to be configured to use email. A Process and Job will also need to be created to automate the running of the report. Once everything is set up the consolidated report can then be emailed to the company’s top management, to allow a quick viewing of today’s inbound cash flow.

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