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July 6, 2009

US Foodservice System EDI

The St. Louis’ (Allen Foods) conversion from a stand alone processor to the A System has been rescheduled to July 11th so the first activity on EDI will be on July 13th.

This location has not been involved in the EDI process so your company will need to ensure all the customer records are set to process any of the transactions you are approved for. (Please make sure you use the correct communication ID when adding this location.)


System DUNS# Div# Dist# Address City, State Zip Comms ID
ASYS 006967004 9U 3220 8543 Page Ave. St. Louis, MO 63114 ISA05-01,
ISA06-621418185, GS02-621418185 …

Listed below are the transactions currently available on the USF EDI process so please pass this information on to the respective areas in your company who will need to be involved in this change.


    • 810 EDI Invoice: Effective with Orders placed with your company on July 13th start sending EDI Invoices.
    • 850 EDI Order: Orders will start on July 13th.
    • 855 EDI Confirmations: Confirmations will be activated on July 13th for return.
    • 997 Acknowledgement: Please make sure these are activated for any 850’s.
    • 867 Reporting: For Suppliers who are retrieving this information the data will be added to the SIS report, however there should not be any Information until the report collected the following week.

Purchase orders created before conversion but not received will have a new PO created in the A system and will be managed by the Conversion Team and Accounts Payable Group.

When St. Louis’ converts we will only have Las Vegas that is not on a leagcy system and they are currently scheduled sometime in 2011 which is when the P System conversison will complete.

For information only I have listed the conversions scheduled through August 2009, but do not make these changes until you receive notification from our Group.

Lakeland – August 1st
Ormond – August 1
Kansas City(Topeka) – August 29th


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