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June 29, 2010

Amazon Fulfillment Center Update

In preparation for an EDI AS2 certificate update and the launch of a new warehouse, we have an announcement that we wanted to share with you.

Amazon.com Fulfillment Center ABE2 going live in July 2010:

Amazon is adding a new fulfillment center in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. Please ensure that your systems and warehouses are updated to include new location.

Amazon.com dedc, LLC

705 Boulder Drive

Breinigsville, PA 18031

EDI Vendors:

If you receive the EDI 850, please add the new location in your system as soon as possible to enable you to process orders for this new facility.

Depending on your EDI configuration, you will either receive the SAN code or FC Code ABE2.

New Ship-To Facility Codes:
Amazon FC Code: ABE2
SAN: 7607814
SAN For Media Carton Qty Receiving: 7607806

Live Date:

Beginning June 27, 2010 you may start receiving orders for the new facility via the EDI 850 Purchase Order. …

EDI Information:

Amazon will send the FC or SAN code in the Ship-To N1_04 element. For the FC code the ’92’ qualifier is sent in the N1_03 element. The SAN code the ’15’ qualifier is sent in the N1_03 element. You will be required to return the same code in the Ship-To segment of the EDI 856 document as well.

FC Code Example: N1*ST*AMAZON.COM*92*ABE2
SAN Code Example: NT*ST*AMAZON.COM*15*7607814

For a complete list of all Amazon North American fulfillment centers and EDI SAN codes, please login to Vendor Central and navigate to RESOURCE CENTER > Technical > North America Fulfillment Center Locations to download the file EDI Specifications and Survey.pdf.

If you have any questions related to the Amazon SAN and FC codes, please login to Vendor Central and submit a contact using Contact Us > EDI > General EDI Questions and an Amazon EDI technical support associate will reply to you within 24 hours.